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Traveling to Pacific Northwest

As I update this page (April 5, 2018) I am located in Vancouver, Washington at a friend and fellow minister; John Payne. As you guessed it, it’s raining! This is fine because I am spending some time to catch up on the computer. I will be leaving the first of next week to go to the Seattle area. I will be visiting friends, some very sick. Then I will be headed to Spokane, Tri-Cities and then back to California at the end of May for the annual Jazz festival. I will give updates along the way.

Sharing Your Faith Radio

Lawrence DuBois Sharing Your Faith Radio

New website for the radio program; SHARING YOUR FAITH RADIO The new internet radio show, “Sharing Your Faith” is now on the air at First Love Radio. This one hour program on evangelism will be broadcasted once a week. For now the show is running several times a day as further testing and adding of other programs is being processed and bugs taken out. I host this show with teaching, interviews.

Don’t Marry the Dragon Video Restored

Canon GL1 Mini DV Video Camera

This heroin addiction video is once again available. The video is free, plus free shipping at this time. The real documentary, “Don’t Marry the Dragon” was a brainchild of mine in 2000. I called it a “journey into the heroin lifestyle”.
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