Seattle Evangelism 2010

Occidental Square ~ Capitol Hill ~ Westlake Center ~ Downtown Seattle ~ Pioneer Square ~ Chinatown

Thank all of you who have been praying for me & the evangelization of the cities I am going to. I have been able to preach in downtown Seattle many times since I’ve been here. I rotated on 4 different corners all within several blocks of each other. All are great locations which have much pedestrian traffic during mid day. Determining my effectiveness on the crowd’s response is subjective; however I had both positive and negative reactions from the people. Overall it was a wide-open door and a great experience. I had extreme favor with the police and shop owners concerning the amplification. I had experiences witnessing one-on-one, as well as, relationship evangelism. I saw several old friends and supporters including my old pastor that has been there for me through thick and thin. There was opportunity for Larry DuBois on the radio KGNW Seattleme to teach God’s Word in some home churches. I was on the radio show I frequently am a guest of. This time being in the studio, it was very impressive to see the station etc. The weather was overall most excellent and I also enjoyed many of the treats available to the Northwest this time of year like blackberries, salmon, and apples. I never made it to Vancouver BC or Spokane as I had hoped to. Below are some detailed highlights of the trip. Thanks again for all your support. I couldn’t do it without you.

Divine Appointments Preaching

The last day I preached in Seattle went very well. I preached for about an hour and fifteen minutes on the corner of 3rd and Pike, which is a very crowded area during mid day. It has all walks of life but it tends to be an area where the poor and down & out frequent. It also is one of the busy hubs for buses. I met a man whose name was Delmar. He is a minister and has been praying over the exact corner I was preaching on for several years now. He was very excited to see me out there. He said a wonderful prayer for me and we visited briefly before he left. I mentioned that I noticed someone has been praying for this city. I could never do this without the prayer support of the body of Christ.

This leads into the next encounter I had while preaching on the corner of 2nd and Pine the first week I was there. A young woman stood near me for a few minutes. I handed her a Gospel of John and then eventually stopped to talk to her. Although I forget her name she introduced herself as a believer and an intercessory prayer person. She prayed for me and the Spirit had her pray for my health. I asked her to keep praying for me as the Lord reminded her. Our visit was short but it was a great encouragement to me to have Christians like her stop by. There were many others as well.

The same day another lady came up and tapped me on the shoulder and said that she wanted to tell me that she had been around the corner and was listening to the message. As we talked it, was revealed that she was a heroin addict who had been through treatment and was just kicked off the methadone program. I shared with her my story and then prayed for her. When I was done she said that she had seen me before. I thought she meant downtown here preaching but I had just arrived. I inquired further and she remembered that it was the video I made on heroin addiction that she saw a couple of years earlier. Small world or big God don’t you think?

One-on-One Witnessing

I may have mentioned in one of my emails that my friend Bob and I went out on a Saturday night into the tougher area of Seattle. There is a park that is famous for drug deals and the homeless stay there often. We had several interesting conversations and prayed with several people. We continued down the hill to Occidental Square. I did a little open air preaching and drew a small group who wanted to talk about Jesus. After that, up the block we went into Pioneer Square where there are a lot of bars and the typical night life. This is also close to the stadiums so when there is a game it is a very crowded area. Not tonight however, there were just about 20 Hell’s angels at a bar with several of them standing outside. Bob opened air preached on the corner across the street. While he was preaching I went over and handed out some tracts, or tried to. The reception was not the greatest. We continued down by the ferry docks and then back another way to the park where we started. It was refreshing to be at home with the crack addicts and demonized people in the park after facing the Hell’s Angels.

On another day I left the amp at home and went downtown with a backpack full of tracts. I handed most all of them out. The people seemed to receive them well. What I had left over, including some Chinese tracts, I left with an old friend of mine Pastor Don Tatum, of Bible Study Outreach Ministries. They moved to a new location just up the hill from the International District of Seattle. It was good to see some of the old gang as I attended a Bible study there for a few hours. I saw the growth the Lord has done in the fellows since I saw them last which was several years ago.

Relational Evangelism

While staying at my sister’s house in Everett, a few miles north of Seattle, I was able to minister to a neighbor of hers. His name is Lucas and he wanted to ask me a question about drugs. This led into a wonderful opportunity for me to share the Gospel with him. My sister also heard the message again. This was very encouraging because I saw all of her children and their families without really sharing anything. Being able to witness to Lucas showed me how the Lord opened a door with him and really not with my family. It was bittersweet.

An old friend, Pastor Rich Dover, and I went to Capitol Hill, an old stomping ground for us and a place where I grew up. The old Lowell grade school is still there. Capitol Hill has certainly changed in appearance and in the spiritual climate over the last several years. There are not many, only a few addicts, that roam the streets up there now. After we walked the length of Broadway, the main drag, we headed back down the other side of the street. We finally met with a couple of guys sitting on a bus stop bench that Rich recognized. We started talking with them and they remembered the burger feed at Jack in the Box several years ago that Rich and others did as part of the ministry there. They remembered many of the old crowd as well. After reminiscing for a short time Rich gave them a card to the recovery house (Fairhaven House) he is the director of and I gave them a tract. As I started to share my testimony with them, as they were open to hear, a police officer came upon us and stood about ten feet away against the building. It looked like he wanted to know what was going on or else he wanted to talk to one of us. I started sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and had the full attention of all those who were immediately around us including the officer. After we concluded our visit the officer made those guys move along. This is called “rousting”. It was interesting he let us finish our ministry to those fellows. I already forgot their names but I will be praying for them.