San Francisco Report 2010

Financial District ~ Embarcadero ~ Powell & Market ~ Fisherman’s Wharf ~ Castro ~ Mission District

San Francisco Evangelism Report – November 2010

I don’t know where to begin. The three weeks that I have spent here in the Bay Area have been very exciting. I am in no way running ragged, although it has been an action-packed time here to say the least. I have been out preaching most everyday in the city of San Francisco. During the week I venture downtown and on the weekends I go out with SOS Ministries. I have seen many old friends with lots of fellowship. Upon arriving the atmosphere in the city was ecstatic; The Giants had just won the world series and the elections proved good for the liberal political climate here.

People & Places

Evangelism in San FranciscoThere are many walks of life in downtown San Francisco; Business people, tourists, the passersby, & the homeless – This being the variety of America’s citizens. San Francisco has several things going for it relating to evangelism. The weather is mild all year round, there are always plenty of people, you can virtually reach people from all around the world, and the city has a great need. I went preaching in many parts of the city. First there is the heart of downtown San Francisco, which includes Powell & Market Streets; this is where a major cable car turnaround is located and a shopping mall. The Financial District is most famous for banking & stocks, Montgomery Street being the main vein. The Embarcadero which runs the length of the waterfront from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Ferry Building has many spots to preach from. Fisherman’s Wharf is the most benign area of the city and where most of the tourists are. Social and political issues intensify in other parts of the city such as the Castro, the notorious homosexual district. The Mission district, primarily residential, has many Latinos and Spanish literature is beneficial here.

Highlighted Stories

In the Castro people are always asking if the Jesus we preach is gay friendly which brings up many conversations. I had this one with a Jewish man who was very secular at best concerning any faith. He initially was hostile but came back by and started talking with me and Kylan (Kylan is with SOS). I shared about how the Lord delivered me from heroin which in the end he admitted that if Jesus did that for me, then that was ok. I think the best witness was not our words, but rather how we acted. He was looking for an argument conceived from hatred and we didn’t give him one. Overall a very good encounter with him, his name is Dennis. Pray for Dennis, especially since he said not to.

I happened to see an old acquaintance of mine while I was preaching at Powell & Market. His name is Caesar who has a Spanish ministry in the Mission district. I asked him if they were still going out on Thursday afternoons. They were and so I joined them out there the following Thursday. Once everyone arrived, we prayed and the sisters started handing out tracts, both Spanish and English. I started out preaching and turned it over to Caesar as he preached in Spanish. There were many people on the streets today and it went very well. I had not been in the Mission district for quite sometime. If you would like to read what happened the last time I was there, and why I didn’t return Click Here

After preaching on the Wharf one Sunday afternoon, a gentleman came up and was very excited has he explained that he was standing across the street listening to me for a long while. He was a believer and he said that he thought people were really listening and encouraged us mightily to keep up the work. Lately I have found that going in depth on the death and resurrection of Christ really peaks people’s interest.

Most of my personal encounters with people this time here were with Christians that came up and talked with me. Part of the ministry is hopefully inspiring them to be a witness for Christ and for them to see that the Gospel does have free course in a city like San Francisco.


As expected I was able to visit with many friends I have here in the Bay Area. I have been staying at the SOS Ministry house and was able to have my own room. This satisfied a real need since I spend a lot of hours in preparation before I go out preaching. We had some good fellowship, singing, and prayer meetings at the house. I was treated to dinner by many people at restaurants and in their homes. I attended Calvary Road Christian Fellowship in San Francisco, one of the Churches that grew out of the old Calvary Chapel of SF. It was a great pleasure to spend time there and I am privileged to bring the teaching this Sunday, November 21st.

Well, many people heard the Gospel these past few weeks, how awesome the Lord is. I will be back in Sacramento on Monday, November 22nd, the week of Thanksgiving. I will soon be posting the Autumn newsletter that will share my traveling for the Lord over the last several months. Thanks for all your prayers & support. I don’t think I can say it too often and that is: I couldn’t do it without you folks. May the Lord bless you!