Sacramento Evangelism 2010

December 2010

I Took a pause in my travels to spend a few weeks at homebase during the Christmas holiday. I was able to attend my home Church, Calvary of Roseville for several weeks. Had a great time with my family and was even able to work a couple of days to help boost the travel funds. I only went out preaching a few times in Sacramento while here. It was a productive venture the times I did go out. I caught up on some computer work and study of God’s Word which includes my online Bible course. Took lots of walks and spent some quality time with my great niece and nephews. Over Christmas weekend I helped in a dinner for the homeless at Pat and Kathy’s Church. I also went to the doctor and replenished my medicines. That’s about it for Sacramento.

October 2010

Sacramento, the City of Trees, is beautiful this time a year. It may not be New England in the fall but it sure has been a great display of God’s creation. It has been fairly warm days and chilly nights the past few weeks since I have been back from the Northwest.

I have been preaching in the downtown area and had several encounters with people who were interested enough to stay around and listen. I have been doing more expository preaching using John chapter 19; Jesus facing Pilate and being flogged. I have four corners I rotate on, two of them by the state capitol. The other two are near a park in downtown. I usually hit one of these on Wednesdays since the farmer’s market goes on that day. I continue to have favor with the police and the crowds in general. The Lord has been so gracious.

For the first time (here in Sac) a man tried to unplug my microphone as he passed by cursing me. Another man the same day who was confined to a wheel chair went ballistic verbally as he was very upset about the message. The highlight however was a woman who came up to me very upset and was so close to me and so loud I had to stop. Asking God for wisdom in these cases, I don’t stop to talk to every person, but in this case I did. Her complaint was that she heard me saying how the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus and that by saying this I am causing people to hate Jews and therefore will start a new holocaust. As I began to defend my objective in preaching from what the scriptures say, she started to calm down and listen. It was very amazing. Her husband is a Jew and I assured her that myself and any true Christian support Israel. I confronted her lack of faith in Christ and she allowed my speaking to her. After she left I thought I could have done a better job and I prayed for her. It was obvious to me that the Holy Spirit guided the whole situation. Praise the Lord!

March / April 2010

For the first time in several months I went out preaching and evangelizing in the Sacramento area, my new homebase. I went through a barren winter after leaving SOS Ministries last November. John Briggs a resident here I met in SF has been going out with me. We frequent the downtown and “K” street area and the tunnel path that leads from ole town to the mall. I also have been starting to preach downtown by the capitol.

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