Los Angeles Evangelism 2010

Burbank ~ Hollywood ~ Riverside Festival of Lights ~ North Hollywood ~ Santa Monica ~ Camarillo

Los Angeles Evangelism Report December 2010

Dear Friends in Christ
Wow! I arrived in Burbank, California on Friday morning and it was non stop until I left Sunday evening back to Oakland. Throughout the airport at Burbank they were playing Christmas music on a Christian station; a great way to start. Besides preaching as much as four hours at a time, with only a couple of short breaks, we ate on the run, clocked many hours on the freeways, ate breakfast at a Mormon Church, and I visited Grace Community Church (John MacArthur) in which they gave us lunch before going out with their evangelism team. If that wasn’t enough I briefly managed to meet my friend Jeff’s family including Jerry the cat. I was able to prepare for two days before getting there as our prayer meetings were pithy. I met a lot of neat people and had a very grand time. Praise the Lord for His strength and favor. Also thanks for the prayers and those who faithfully supported this mission. It was awesome!!!

After my friend Jeff picked me up at the airport we went to get another brother Chris. Then off to Hollywood. I had never been there before and I described it as Berkeley with smog. We set on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Highland St. They told me there was no guarantee I could use my amp. The owner of a kiosk came over and blew a horn right beside me while I preached.It started off with what I would say a normal flow of foot traffic with more and more people coming past us as the day progressed. We stayed there about 4 hours with myself preaching the majority of the time. Jeff & Chris had many conversations and passed out Gospel tracts.

After grabbing a bite to eat, it was on to a mall in Burbank where we met up with Tony “the Lawman” Miano. Tony a retired Sheriff’s deputy also is a chaplain and director of Ambassador’s Alliance, a Living Waters Ministry (Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron). We preached and talked to people there for the rest of the evening before getting back to Jeff’s house late. As I was preaching about the genealogy of Jesus Christ and His virgin birth a Jewish man took me to task. Tony pulled him aside a talked to him for awhile to no avail. Tony gathered several youth around as he asked a young man how he thought he was going to heaven. It was awesome to see this witnessing tactic Tony uses. There were several other youth hanging out and there were conversations about the Lord as usual. Jeff talked to a middle eastern man for quite awhile.

Jeff took me to an all you can eat breakfast at the Mormon Church in his town of Camarillo. Jeff has many Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and Orthodox Jews he witnesses to. The breakfast spread was unbelievable. I met George and his wife Loral. Loral shared how her family has been in LDS for generations. Both she and George are much steeped in LDS. Please pray for this couple. They among others seemed so nice and yet lost. Jeff explained that you have to witness to them like a doctor giving a shot; a slow steady flow. If you inject (truth) to slow they don’t feel it. Too fast and it is a jolt they can’t take.

After breakfast it was a beautiful drive down the coast passing through Malibu arriving to witness in Santa Monica. Once again masses of people on 3rd Street off Wilshire. This is a performers and commercial area. We set up at the end of one block right by a police car that was blocking the street. Across from where we set up was a parking garage and the people kept coming as long as we were there, about 2 hours.

After that we headed for Riverside, a couple hour drive east of Los Angeles near Ontario. There was a Christmas celebration they have there every year. Praise the Lord we got free parking close by. This was absolutely packed with people from all over coming to see the excitement. They had an outdoor ice rink, horse-drawn carriages, and of course lots of lights. I really enjoyed it so I know your kids would have. There were several evangelists set up here. One guy in particular organized everyone and Jeff and I had our own station. I preached and Jeff handed out tracts. We were there all evening. Many people would gather around and actually listen to the message. I handed out many Gospel of John’s and Jeff went through hundreds of tracts. Back at Jeff’s around midnight.

Sunday morning Jeff took me to meet Chris and go to his Church which is Grace Community Church. John MacArthur did the teaching at the service we went to. They had a full choir and small orchestra It is a huge Church. Before service began we were looking at a tract and tape table when we met Jonathon. He invited us to an evangelism meeting after service. We went and they feed us lunch (cool). After their meeting, we all went out and witnessed for the Lord. Some of the group went to hospitals and others to the mall. Our group went on the streets of course. We went to North Hollywood outside the subway. I preached for an hour or so there before we had to go. Jeff and Chris dropped me off at the airport.