Los Angeles Report 2011

Downtown Los Angeles ~ Hollywood ~ Pershing Square ~ North Hollywood ~ Skid Road 

Los Angeles Evangelism Report January 2011

I arrived in Hollywood January 11th and preached there on two different occasions for the week-long stay in the Los Angeles area. It was great both times with Chris Yarzab and Jeff Baron. At Hollywood Blvd. from Highland Ave. there are masses of people who pass this area. I call this the Hollywood Lonely people because of how lost they are even though they have a lot going on according to the world. Collectively we preached for about 4-5 hours on this corner. Many tracts were handed too!
In North Hollywood I preached here a few times over the years. This is the NOHO transit and Metro subway station. Lots of people frequent this place on a daily basis. This day was overcast however people came through just the same.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles I stayed with a friend from high school, Dan Allen. Dan is on staff at Southland Christian Church as the children’s Pastor. I haven’t seen Dan in about 35 years. Since our high school days Dan and I both became believers in Jesus. Southland Christian Church welcomed me with open arms and I felt a real connect with all of them there as I went to their Sunday and Wednesday services.

Underneath these buildings is Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles. On my first day of preaching here I was given a rare opportunity. One of the buildings across from me was having a fire drill. As I realized this I scurried to get set up and began sharing the Gospel. The building was about 30 stories tall. People kept coming and huddling on the corner I was at. There were several hundred people who now were a captive audience. I was able to preach to this crowd for about ten minutes before they returned. There were several Christians in the crowd and a few amens. The Lord is in control, is He not? This was a great encouragement I stayed for another hour or so for the lunch rush.  I preached downtown Los Angeles one other day. I met a young man named Zach who was a believer. I exhorted him to follow the Lord in whatever ministry he was given. Because many orthodox Jews come through the streets there I preached on Melchizedek which created a small crowd listening although they were mostly Asian. I met a woman, Angie, who prayed for me and encouraged me in many ways she was there both days I preached. I liked Los Angeles very much and hope to preach there again in the future.

I visited Skid Road where there are numerous homeless people. I stayed most of the day going to a few of the many ministries in the area. I witnessed to a Spanish man through an interpreter. I didn’t realize it at first but the Lord used me to give him, Roberto, a word of knowledge concerning his activity that got him into the States. A Spanish Bible was given to him and I shared the Word of God with him until he had to leave.

I believe we should use all kinds of methods to reach the lost, however; as you look at this picture I want to emphasize that most of these people will never step foot in a Church. They will never attend a Christian concert or a Harvest Crusade. Thus they will never hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ unless we preach to them right where they’re at. Thank you for your partnership in this endeavor.