San Francisco April 2011

Downtown San Francisco ~ Mission District ~ Japantown ~ 4th & Market

San Francisco Evangelism Report – April 2011

Mission District
Frequented this area of SF twice this trip. The first time was with SOS on my first Friday night here. We went to 16th & Mission St. Not a lot to report except while I was preaching a man walking across the street with a coffee table, yes that’s right, a coffee table, plunked it down right in front of the speaker so there was feedback so much I had to stop. Some of our group had eggs thrown on them. He and the others that were with him left shortly afterwards; I guess they were part of an anarchy group that was meeting in the area.

I met up with Caesar, a pastor with a Spanish congregation in the Mission District. I had met him about 3 years ago. We met at 24th & Mission Thursday afternoon. Caesar is bilingual and preached in Spanish while I preached in English. Another elderly woman came out to pass out tracts with us.

This was the first time we went to this area. It was the Cherry blossom festival and there were lots of people. Kylan arranged this outreach as he is preparing to go toJapan as a missionary this summer. Besides English, Kylan speaks Japanese and German. Of course stranger than fiction, Kylan spoke German to a gal fromNorway in Japantown. There were many Chinese people there too. I spoke briefly to a Russian man who didn’t know English. I know a very limited amount of Russian, enough to start a conversation, but not enough to finish. I also forgot to bring Russian tracts, uhm… I did however hand out a few Japanese tracts.

Now that I gave the world report I would mention that it was a great time of outreach and fellowship. Amanda and “her crew” came down from Modesto Calvary and they were able to witness to many of the Harold Camping group who are the ones who say judgment day is going to be May 21st. They were out in groves conflicting with us somewhat. Dave, a member of SOS ministry was able to share the Gospel one-on-one with many people as he always does. Larry Rosenbaum and Dan handed out tracts. Jeromy, Larry R. and myself preached for a total of about two hours before the police came and we called it a day.

Highlight of the Week
I was able to preach inSan Francisco all but one day I was there. One particular day I was on Market Street, which is the main drag through the middle of the city, and there were two young men who passed by and stopped to briefly listen. They nodded and went up the street. At first I thought they were Christians and stopped to give the ok after they heard what I was preaching. Shortly afterwards they came back by and I made eye contact again. They stopped in the crosswalk and returned to talk with me. They both had many questions about Jesus and the Bible. One of them said he was being drawn to the message of Jesus. I had quite an opportunity to witness further and gave them both a Gospel of John.It can be so hectic down on the streets. I forgot their names and didn’t write them down. The Lord knows though and I have prayed for them several times since.

Overall it was a great trip. I was able to teach the lesson on the first Sunday I was there at Calvary Road Christian Fellowship. Eric, the pastor, is a friend of mine who also goes out witnessing and preaching inSan Francisco. We went to the Fisherman’s Wharf both Sundays after Church. This is a great place to evangelize. It is like going around the world and never leaving the city. There are many tourists and always lots of people. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Well worth the trip! God bless you.