Portland Evangelism 2011

Skidmore Fountain ~ Pioneer Square ~ Downtown Portland ~ Riverfront Park

Portland Evangelism Report – September 2011

This was my first full fledged trip to street preach in Portland. I was here for one day in October 2010. It was very exciting. There were several groups of children on a field trip that passed by me as I preached about Jesus. I was able to pray with a young man who stopped and inquired about the Lord. There were several people who stopped and listened. Many Christians passed by and gave words or gestures of encouragement. Portland is a very needy city for the Gospel. They are very liberal and there is a lot of homeless people who take refuge in Portland’s friendly environment. There are many teenage runaways and street kids there as well. Great time and please pray for the city of Portland. My first time here witnessing in any form was back in 2006 when I was here for a weekend. This was very exciting as well.

This trip many thousands of people heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ during my trip to Portland. I joined several of the local evangelists for a great time of prayer, preaching, & fellowship. The down-town area was crowded during the mid day as awesome weather prevailed. We also went to places like Skidmore Fountain, Pioneer Square, and the Riverfront. One of the days had a notable spiritual warfare going on as the Lord was faithful through it all! Besides meeting new friends, I met my facebook friend, Richard Peralta as we worked the harvest.

“Now whatever city or town you enter, inquire who in it is worthy, and stay there till you go out. Matt 10:11 Through facebook I found out who was worthy ahead of time being referred to brother James Lafayette. James opened his heart and home to me over the first weekend I was there and then he had made arrangements with his Church, Glencullen Baptist, for me to stay in the Church basement the rest of the week. This worked out perfect as the Church is close to downtown and they even had a shower. Besides the Lafayette’s, my thanks goes out to the Church and especially Pastor Phil Cavin who also was a great host.

I was able to get up real early today and pray and read. I also visited with the Pastor again. I got downtown and there was an event at Pioneer Square. I met up with James and we ended up going a block down to 5th and Morrison. There was not a lot of people when we started but they came out. There was some spiritual warfare today as a drunk/demonized man kicked my speaker over. At the same time we found out later up the block Steve and company had someone defame their sign and kick at their belongings. Also the police came by and said they had a complaint. I turned it down a little, I guess the law allows for up to 100 feet with and amp. Also we had a limit of 45 minutes on a corner. James took over preaching before we moved up to meet the other guys.

David a Arab leads the prayer group on Weds and has done so for ten years. Besides myself 3 Korean women, a Russian man, and three other of us guys joined in this prayer circle downtown to pray for the city of Portland. Afterward I preached on the corner for awhile. It went very well and I was in the Spirit tremendously, I had several people stop and listen. A Korean gal approached me and said she didn’t have a Church here in America so I sent her across the street as the ladies were still there. She came back by and smiled as she had some materials etc. Bye the way, one of the ladies brought me over some crab cakes, octopus, and a watermelon basil drink. These were samples Macy’s Chef wagon was giving away.

Steve joined me and I ended but not before a young man came to my defense so to speak. He thought Steve has giving me a hassle. The young man had a cardboard sign around his neck that said something like Zeus and other garble. He said Zeus told him to come over. I can’t help think of Proverbs 16:7 that when a man’s ways please the Lord, even his enemies will be at peace with him.

A group of about 5-6 kids came up and asked me it they could take my picture with them. They were from a home school co-op and today was the first day of school so they were on a field trip. There assignment was to have their picture taken with someone. We had already given them tracts. I do not believe they saw me preaching before that. One of them asked the question; what is the most significant thing I have done in my life. I said, “getting off heroin”. Upon having their full attention I then shared my testimony and made it clear that it wasn’t me but Jesus. I got to testify to the power of our glorious Lord.

As I was waiting for the outdoor prayer gathering to begin, I noticed a young women who came up and sat down crying. She was on the phone and apparently she had some trouble with her recent travel on Amtrak concerning her service dog. I offered to pray for her and did so. After that she began to tell me about herself. Melissa, a Jewish convert to the faith and stressing how Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah. She admitted she had some mental and emotional problems and was waiting for a healing from God. After sharing about our Lord I told her what I did; traveling the countryside preaching the Gospel. She said I was the first person she met that didn’t seem to be schizophrenic when claiming they were called by God to undertake the role of an itinerant preacher. After awhile she was refreshed in the Lord and thanked me for listening to her. She went on her way home with her dog which was near by.

In 1806, Lewis and Clark discovered the land that would later become the city of Portland. Today this big city has big city problems. What is the most wicked city on the West Coast? Many would immediately say San Francisco or Hollywood. Having visited all of the major metropolitan areas, Portland could get my vote on this one. In the past several years Portland has been known along with liberal policies for being a magnet for teenage runaways, eco-friendly for the homeless, and hosting pervert parades that would make Madonna blush. Portland now has reached a new level of depravity. Portland has one of, if not thee, highest rate of disappearing girls for the lucrative sexual slave trade.

Besides all this, the pagan culture is decaying away any decency left while the spirit of the antichrist assaults the faithful like brother James Lafayette and several others as they uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite the controversy over the homeless in Portland, we must minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help where we can.

A judge’s ruling quashing the city’s sidewalk obstruction ordinance has thrown Portland’s delicate balance of dealing with homeless people on downtown streets into disarray. Business owners are complaining about increased harassment of their customers, and police are without the tool they’ve used on and off for more than five years to keep the peace as homelessness in Portland continues to grow.

The result is a resurgence of tension between downtown retailers who want to make the streets safe for shopping and advocates who say homeless people have an equal right to the streets, particularly when there’s nowhere else to go.

Nothing Portland has done so far has worked well — the judge’s decision last month marks the second time the sidewalk ordinance has lost in court. Two city commissioners are making another run at the problem this week, holding public meetings to get ideas about what to do.

“Even though most cities do not provide enough affordable housing, shelter space, and food to meet the need, many cities use the criminal justice system to punish people living on the street for doing things that they need to do to survive,” says a report released this week by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty and the National Coalition for the Homeless. Source: Oregon Live