Oakland Evangelism Report 2011

Downtown Oakland on Broadway – 11th – 12th – 13th – 14th Streets 

Oakland Evangelism Report – November 2011

You may have heard of “Occupy Wall Street”, we use to call it a “sit in” I am not sure exactly what they are protesting but it has been all over the news. Here in Oakland they have had several instances with the police as they were told to vacate the downtown area. This ended up to be a battle. Also last Wednesday the Occupy Oakland group called for an all-city rally in which they shut down the Port of Oakland. I was in San Francisco that day preaching.

I did however go into Oakland on the day after and it had evidence of riotous behavior with broken out windows and graffiti all over. Most of my preaching in Oakland was done two blocks away on 12th and Broadway. Here is a link to a photo journalists report on the first conflict between Police and protestors.

Although not interviewed (Thank God) a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle talked with me asking me why I wasn’t down where the action was. In my discourse to him about my strategy I was able to share the Gospel.

Today I went preaching in downtown Oakland at the corner of 13th and Broadway. I have been there before but across the street. This is the first time I went preaching in Oakland since Richard Latimer was here at SOS and we went there often during the summer of 2007. Wow has it been that long?

There were many in Oakland who stopped and listened to the preaching of the Gospel. Because of this I was able to hand out many New Testaments, as well as, some other Christian booklets. I was able to encourage and pray for several individuals who the Lord was drawing. I believe it was and is well worth the time to have ministered in this city.

I preached a total of seven days that were scattered among the couple of weeks I was here in the Bay Area. Another item of note is that to my knowledge there is not a street preacher that frequents downtown Oakland. All the guys in the area here that I know are either going to San Francisco, Berkeley, or San Jose. On Facebook and other internet networks there are certain city’s that have a number of preachers in and around evangelizing, but to my knowledge, not Oakland. There are those who minister in other areas of town and that I am thankful for.

Testimonies & Prayer Requests
Bernadine, a woman who I met on two different days stopped to hear John 3:17-23 as I often quote this passage. She asked me about it and what it meant. I shared with her and then gave her a New Testament. A few days later she came by again and this time I prayed for her to have understanding and the ability to retain what she reads. She had been reading the N.T. that I gave her. Pray for her to have understanding, and also she is some sort of steward of a few disabled children.

Brenda, a woman who waited patiently until I stopped in between sessions shared with me, as tears rolled down her face, that as I was speaking she was sitting down and praying to the Lord that she wanted to repent. She already a believer and baptized was struggling so I prayed for her before she left on a bus. This was very encouraging to say the least.

A man and a woman stepped off the bus and as they came by and the man stopped to listen and she kept walking all the time telling him to come on and she didn’t want to hear me. He said that He would stop and hear no matter what she did, this caused a bit of a scene as she screamed across the street. He stayed and he blessed me with a prayer and told me to pray for Alfredda. Christ causes division. Praise God for this man’s confession before men.

In the course of going downtown I met two men who standout, both are Christians. The first man is from Nigeria and was in town to take firefighting training. His government sent him here.

The other man was young, in his twenties, and from Ethiopia. He took a Bible and was in need of a place to fellowship. May the Lord answer his request.

On two different occasions a school group came by where I was preaching and in both cases the leaders didn’t seem to know which way to go, but just stopped right by me. This allowed a small window of opportunity to tell the kids about Jesus. Tracts don’t usually work in these situations but the preaching is something they cannot stop the kids from hearing.

Only Day Across From Protesters: The bulk of the crowd from what I could see showed no visible signs of anything but deadness. I continued to preach while in my mind I was asking the Lord to send somebody, like another Christian, seconds later and then for the next few minutes I had several Christians come by and give me the, “thata boy” and keep going encouragements. I preached virtually unhindered even as police on bicycles across the street stood and watched.

Last Day Preaching in Oakland
Today was blistery and raining somewhat but I went to preach in downtown Oakland. I was met with the downtown in a shambles; broken windows and graffiti all over. Banks had the windows boarded up. Not sure if it was prevention or after the fact. Crews private and public were out scrubbing and removing paint from buildings. I didn’t see the news but some encounter with the Police was last night. I noticed other spiritual warfare as well. I was at 12th & Broadway a proven spot.

The people interested in the things of God were far and few between today. Like a cloud of antichrist spirit had covered Oakland. I had a few nasty hecklers although they were short on staying. An argument in front of Wells Fargo broke out between security and an unhappy customer at the cash machine. A lady stumbled and fell on the corner in front of me as so often happens when the preaching is present. I had a hard time getting out the Gospel and it was a real battle. Even with all this I passed out the rest of the box of items I had such as; New Testaments, Christian booklets and The Gospel of John’s.