Sacramento Evangelism 2011

November 2011

This November was the first time I preached in Sacramento since June 11th. I went to the corner of 9th and “I” street. It was an ok lunch crowd and I preached for about a hour. I had several hecklers and only a couple of people stopped to agree with the Lord. The occupy Sac crowd was small but it brought the spirit of the antichrist in. It was a tough day to preach but I left with a desired accomplished.

The next time I went to the corner of 9th and J streets, It was my first time there on this corner. It went well overall and I talked to 4-5 people as they approached me. There was a lady across the street that was there 15 minutes or so listening. Not sure if she was a believer or not. Two other ladies approached me at separate times to encourage me. I gave them a card and asked them to pray. The last man came as a devil in disguise asking about physic stuff and wanting to argue. I left him and saw another man. This was the worst condition of a homeless man ever. I learned not to br critical on other ministries that want to only help the homeless. On the way home I saw one of the guys that carries a sign and hands out tracts. He prayed for me and we talked a minute. I didn’t mention that I preach on the street. Overall it was a great day.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Although not a lot of stuff from Costco, Pat, Jacob, and me went to some apartments and handed out the bread on Thanksgiving Day. We finally found a good spot and we also went two other places. I gave out about 20 Gospels and a few tracts before coming back to have our own dinner which was wonderful.

On “Black Friday” Mike Andrews and I went down to the K street mall to evangelize. We hit both sides of the mall, by the tunnel and out by the ice rink. We had many conversations and we also had passed out many tracts. I think we passed out around 30 Gospel of John’s. Mike ministered to several people and did the good person test. I talked to a man named Igor and he is from Vancouver, Portland area. He says he knows some of the preachers up there. I also met a man from Iran who could not speak much English but I insisted he take a tract and Gospel. We witnessed to many and it was a good day.

The last day of the month we went out and it was clear and really windy. I met John and Angie down on 9th and “I” street by the park. The occupy people were there but they are losing their momentum from what I could see. At the very least they were not speaking on the corner today and we got our corner back. I preached for about an hour and John and Angie handed out tracts. At the end of the time those guys took a poor man to lunch which was very nice.

The highlight of today was hearing a man as he passed by me setting up saying; before you start I wanted you to know that people are listening. He apparently has seen me preach there before. Thank God for the small encouragements.

October 2011

I am on the third week here after returning from my last trip. I have not preached here during this time but have caught up on some administration things like the web pages. I also have had time to study God’s Word and get ready for my next “tour of duty”. I also had the opportunity to work with my nephew to contribute to my room and board while here. I was going out to preach today but now it is raining. Below is a shot from the weather cam.

June 2011

The last couple of months here in Sacramento have been the most productive yet. Despite the unusual weather and the end of the world cult (Harold Camping), myself and others were able to be out there witnessing a great deal. If I was never able to preach again here in Sacramento I would feel accomplished. I can’t say that about every city I have been to.

Personally I was able to preach around the State Capitol grounds on a circuit rotating on different corners, many which were new to me. The tunnel area between the “K” street mall and “Ole Town” has been fruitful. The 2011 Sacramento Jazz Festival was another great opportunity for the Gospel to go out to the masses. The Jesus People and other individuals from different Churches, including Kathy, Trish, and Sherri from my Church, were there sharing the Gospel with tracts and witnessing conversations. Some of us preached of course. Many times we hit the area over by Caesar Chavez Park where the farmers market is located on Wednesdays. This part of town is populated during the day with workers and others as they frequent the Post Office and other businesses in the area.

The highlight for me was the several one-on-one conversations that many of us had. Mike and David seem to have a real knack for pursuing and starting conversations with people whoever they are. Several of the Christians that have come out the last several weeks are brand new to evangelism. It was a great joy to see them blossom. I had a few discussions with young people and was able to give a good witness and left them with a pocket version of the Gospel of John. The most exciting thing to see was their interest as they were being drawn by the Holy Spirit.

Other things that occupy my time here at homebase are going to the doctor, something that can be quite a project given my declining health. I also catch up on my online Bible courses through the Blue Letter Bible Institute. I almost completed my first course – Christology. I also catch up on the small amount of administration for the ministry. When possible I work with my Nephew cleaning carpets, babysitting the great nephews and niece, and going on walks.

April & May 2011

After arriving home here in late March I have been preaching downtown several days a week. I have preached on a few new corners. Crowds are easy in the spring here. The farmer markets start, people like to get outside and walk around the Capitol grounds. There are many events downtown before it gets really hot in mid summer. There are also children taking field trips that get to hear the Gospel as they pass by me.

Several of the cab drivers in one area are always wanting to talk and ask me things. The problem is that they do not speak very much English, and what they do speak it is hard to understand them. Most of them are from the Middle East or Pakistan. Recently some fellows came with my friend David Beal. We had a great time evangelizing and fellow-shipping. The Lord continues to give great favor with the Police here concerning the amp. One thing I should mention as I have before; By doing the public preaching I have found that overall there are more one-on-one conversations and more tracts are taken. Maybe the Lord honors His Word.

I will be headed down on Saturday to the tunnel area with my great nephew Jacob. This will be the first time down in that area since last summer. Well continue to pray for these opportunities if you would. God bless!