Los Angeles December 2012

Hollywood ~ North Hollywood ~ Burbank ~ Santa Monica ~ Riverside ~ Downtown Los Angeles 

Los Angeles Evangelism Report – December 2012

After suffering from vertigo and nausea due to my left ear being plugged throughout the flight, I landed in Burbank, California, where I was to begin my ten-day preaching and evangelism trip. While exiting from the plane the flight attendant asked me if I was an actor because I had a familiar face. I assured the crew they didn’t have an actor on board but a preacher of the Gospel. Now they were acting – trying not to show expressions of me being a “weirdo”. I was met by my friend and ministry partner Jeff Baran. This was the third consecutive year he has picked me up and as our custom; we immediately go out preaching.

This trip, as in times past, was awesome! I was able to preach over fourteen hours going out seven of the ten days I was there. On the weekends I met up with Jeff and another evangelist, Chris Yarzab. During the week I went solo in four areas of downtown Los Angeles. In my leisure time I tagged along with a high school buddy, Dan Allen, who pastors the children’s ministry at Southland Christian Church. It was an exciting week with the kids during the Christmas Holiday. On the last Saturday, Eric and Jill Baxter, long-time friends joined us in Hollywood and Santa Monica. Our extensive day of witnessing ended with rain at the Santa Monica pier as we joined up with Frank Baldus and the Open Air Campaigners. Thank you for all the support and prayers of those who made this trip possible. May God be the glory!!! Below are just a few highlighted stories. There is a photo slideshow at the bottom of this page with a small caption above each photo. Photos were taken by Jeff Baran & Chris Yarzab.

Onto Riverside, stopping for a bite and finding a good parking spot, we made it to the place we were at two years ago. We briefly talked to a few brothers preaching in the same area. Once we prayed I started preaching to the massive crowds of people while Jeff handed out tracts. In my travels, this crowd was only second to New York’s Time Square. Jeff handed out slightly over 1,000 tracts (all we had) some Gospel of Johns, a couple of Christian books, and the last thing he handed out was my sermon notes. To me this was the Bible belt and we had many Christians giving us encouragement. Jeff relieved me for a short time by reading the story of the birth of Christ from Luke. Many children stood by and listened. It was a great outreach!

Southland Christian Church’s kids club on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon was a great time of me watching the kids practice for their program on Sunday. On Wednesday night there was a combined service for all ages and many guests came. After Dan and I picked up the kids on the bus Dan was giving instructions to them on what was going to take place. After mentioning all the fun activities Alex, a youngster about the fifth grades says, “Is there going to be prayer?” Later on there was hot chocolate and other goodies around  several fire pits that were set up for the night. My friend Dan gave the Christmas story and a wonderful presentation of the Gospel. We sang carols of course.

I met two young men both wearing dodger hats. Jonathon and Maritio were about 17 years old. They had been invited and had never heard the Gospel before. I shared a brief Gospel account with them and introduced them to some of the other regular attendees of the Church. I am glad I shared with them because they left before Dan’s message.

The Civic Center was a new area that I had never preached at before. When I arrived about 11:20 AM the area was sparse with people so I wasn’t sure where to set up. I walked around the several block area and prayed. I tried setting up in four areas before I decided to move once again down the street to a better place. I came to 1st & Main where I took out my amp and set up some Gospel of John’s outside my bag. Right then a man came over and said, “Hey I’m a Christian and are going to do some open-air preaching?” I answered, “yes”. He then said, “well let me pray for you”. He prayed and I told him I thought that his timely showing confirmed this is where I was to be. It only got better after that. I preached for about ten minutes before realizing I was kiddy corner from the LAPD main precinct. The people started coming out for the lunch hour and while I was preaching I handed out Gospel of John’s (about 15 total) to passerby’s. I would stop preaching and talk to many who were interested in the Gospel.

Ironically ending up across from the police station was icing on the cake for the four days I preached in downtown. The first day I went to a lively spot, 7th & Hope Streets, where last year I had been approached by the city ambassadors. This time not one of them said anything and I also had at least 12 police officers go by on foot and never mention my amp. The other two areas I went to in downtown; Pershing Square on 6th & Olive, and in the Print Larry DuBois Evangelsim Report
financial district, 5th & Flower. This was very exciting for me to say the least.