Utah Evangelism Report 2013

Manti ~ Manti Miracle Pageant ~ Salt Lake City ~ Temple Square ~ Ogden ~ Jehovah Witness Convention

Utah Evangelism Report – June 2013

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Utah to preach the Gospel. I have never been there before and was invited by Jeff Baran to come along. Eric Baxter and Eddie Shields met us there. One of the startling things on the trip was that I met so many Christians in Utah (not counting the ones who came for the event) but those who live there. Of those who attended from around the country to specifically evangelize were in upwards of 150. Many of them were youth ranging from ages 8 to early twenties. Thanks for those who prayed and supported this trip financially. Between the preaching, signs & banners, individual conversations, and Gospel literature, the message of Jesus Christ went out in concentrated efforts all over Utah. Your partnership & labor is not in vain in the Lord as many were evangelized. Amen!

Manti Miracle Pageant
In Manti, Utah they have an annual Mormon Miracle Pageant. This is a week-long event that has a repeating outdoor play each night after dark. We camped in a public park for five bucks a night and other than my tired old back, being exposed to the hard ground, it was great. Each day, after time with the Lord, we would head off to the showers and some breakfast. After that we attended a class and a prayer meeting held by a local church that oversees the outreach. Around 5:00PM we would meet again for prayer and worship as the crowds of Mormons would come to the area. They had a food court and other things so people showed up early before the 9:30PM starting time. We would witness individually to Mormons during this time and then we would preach and have lighted signs to the crowds as they left by 11:30PM. I had someone call me a “moron” which I found to be ironic since a related form of the word is “Moroni”. I preached twice here Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively.

Salt Lake City
On our way to Ogden I was chomping at the bit to preach in downtown Salt Lake City. We got there around noon on Thursday and with the temperature well over a hundred degrees Jeff and I found a busy corner. I preached while Jeff passed out tracts and had conversations. We stayed for an hour and a half before hiking up the street to Temple Square, the area around the Latter Day Saints headquarters. Jeff witnessed to a man while I took some snapshots. On Saturday we again, along with the heat, went downtown. I preached for about two hours across the street from the temple area. There were a number of people walking by including tourists. I handed out several Gospel of John’s and tailored my preaching to the Mormon religion. This was a bit challenging but it had many people stop and listen.

This was the third leg of our trip. We left Eric and Eddie in Manti while we drove to Ogden specifically for a Jehovah Witness Convention that was being held there for three days. We stayed at a friend of Jeff’s. Doug who came with us as we left Manti, is an ex J.W. We did not have access to the front of the event center where they met; however, we covered the parking lot entrances with banners and witnessed to the other unbelievers who walked by. On the last day, Jeff and Doug walked through the lot during lunch where many JW’s were assembled on the grass. Jeff read them a portion of scripture before moving down the side of the people to repeat the process. Hebrews 1: 1-8 is a great passage and especially for the Jehovah Witnesses.

People Who Need Prayer
There was Justin, a young Mormon missionary, attending the Manti pageant who Jeff Baran and I shared with about there being only one God. We gave him some scripture references to look up. Jeff, a LDS banker at Zion National Bank in Salt Lake City was listening intently while (our) Jeff shared the faith with him. He was very interested and asked many questions. They talked so long he was late going back to work. After that we met Darrell, a homeless man on the streets of Salt Lake City. We gave him a Gospel of John and prayed for him. While in the Temple Square area, surrounding the castle, as I call it, we met an older man named Leroy who was not upset when Jeff told him the differences between Mormonism and believing in Christ. When we were in Ogden at the J.W. convention I met a young woman named Lupa. She was walking by the event while I stood outside holding a sign. I shared the Gospel with her and explained the differences between religion and Jesus Christ. Finally I will mention Sonya, a young woman I met waiting for the Amtrak train to come home. She was very friendly. Her and her family is from India. I visited with her and her mother for an hour or so. I gave her the Gospel as she was able to take it in. Trying to justify herself by being good enough, the Gospel was hard for her to hear. She also had equated Jesus Christ with religion in general, not seeing His only means of grace. These are just a few of the many opportunities we had while there.