Are you like King Herod? at

Are You Like King Herod?

Have You Heard of Jesus?

Are you fascinated with Jesus? King Herod had heard of Jesus and all that was done by Him. Matt 14:1 Mark 6:14 Luke 9:7 Perhaps you have heard about Jesus. In Herod’s case the report was about the miracles that Jesus did. You can be thrilled and excited about Jesus but without saving faith the fascination fades and Jesus becomes nothing more than; “been there – done that”.

Another aspect is people hear many things about Jesus that are not accurate and this is a problem, however; To hear about Jesus even accurately is not enough to be saved. Herod had heard many things, Luke 9:9 Herod heard about Jesus and was fascinated. Luke 23:8

Who Do You Think Jesus Is?

King Herod did what so many people do; He made assumptions as to who Jesus was and he listened to what other people were saying who Jesus was. Some of the candidates were John the Baptist (After Beheading), Elijah, The Prophet, or one of the prophets of old. Herod had thought Jesus to be someone special because of the power that worked in Him, but was willing to attribute it to anything but what it was; the power of the Son of God. Today many people think Jesus was a prophet or one of many prophets. Who do you say He is? Matt 16:15

Are You Convicted of Your Sin?

Between Herod and Herodias they wanted to shut John the Baptist up by putting him in prison. Why? It was because John had pointed out their adulterous situation. Matt 14:3-4 Mark 6:17-18 What do you do when your sin is exposed? Do you try to silence the source? Can you silence your conscience? Or, do you admit it is wrong, seek forgiveness and forsake the sin? Herod in his position was able to have the prophet arrested. As we see later Herodias was more upset than King Herod. We see the same sort of thing concerning Festus with Paul. Acts 24:25

Do You Hold Grudges?

Herodias held this exposure of sin against John the Baptist, and she influenced Herod greatly. Mark 6:19 This ate away at her to the point of murder. Matt 14:8 Mark 6:19, 24 Herod is no innocent bystander in all this plotting of Herodias. Matt 14:5 This reminds us of the pair in the Old Testament; King Ahaz & Jezebel.

Do You Respect Men of God?

I come across many people who have a respect for the preacher but they themselves are not saved. Is this possible? If you are not saved, and outside of the Kingdom, why would you respect (fear) the person of God? We see this in the case of Herod. Mark 6:20 Although Herod, a worldly, lustful and adulterous man, feared John because he was just and holy. He even for a time protected him.

Do You Gladly Hear About God?

Do you like to hear the preacher or teacher telling you about God? Is this enough to save you? Maybe you like to hear the message of God and even like a strong personality preaching it, but so did Herod. It says Herod heard him gladly. Mark 6:20

Do You Experience Remorse?

Do you have times of feeling sorry for what you have done? Most all of us do and yet this in itself is not going to make us right before God. Herod was sorry. Matt 14:9 Mark 6:26

Do You Have True Salvation?

Just because you may have experienced the above conditions does not mean that you have true salvation. Because Herod did not possess true salvation he faltered in the time where it counts. His lust caused him to make a rash oath that led him to ignore what was right. He killed the innocent in order to save face before men. Although close to the things of God, many will choose to save their own skin rather than doing the right thing. Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate and may others fall into this category. The question is; do you?

(The Beheading of John the Baptist Matt. 14:1–12 Mark 6:14-29 Luke 9:7–9)