Los Angeles Evangelism 2013

Hollywood ~ North Hollywood ~ Burbank ~ Santa Monica ~ Riverside ~ Universal City ~ Downtown LA

Los Angeles Evangelism Report – December 2013

This was my fourth trip, in as many years, preaching the Gospel to the greater Los Angeles area. As usual I have comprised the details of the trip below. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the prayers and the provision given by the people of God to make this trip possible. Thank you!

An overview of the trip goes as follows: The first few days were spent evangelizing with Jeff Baran. Our itinerary was full as we preached in the usual places. We went to Universal City this year for the first time. I also went to a new place downtown Los Angeles later in the week. We met dozens of individuals in whom we had lengthy conversations with and gave them either Gospels of John or New Testaments. The wet and cold weather will be memorable. I wasn’t prepared for it, although we were prepared for the Riverside Festival of Lights with an extra duffle bag full of tracts, Gospels, and NT. Leaving Jeff and staying with my friend Dan in Southgate I was able to access downtown LA from there.

Hollywood Evangelism Christmas 2013In Hollywood, I preached while Jeff talked to people and handed out tracts. Jeff talked to several Jehovah Witnesses during our visit here. I saw Ronnie who across the street from me looked my direction and came over. He had said he heard the Bible and was looking around to see where it was coming from. Ronnie had survived going through a coma and all he could really remember was God’s Word. I gave him a New Testament after talking with him for several minutes. Jeff talked to him as well later when he came back a second time.

Going later to the North Hollywood Metro station we arrived just in time for the evening rush hour. This was a good spot preaching to hundreds coming out of the subway. We met Freddie who was saved a year ago at the same spot hearing the Gospel from some different preachers. Jeff inquired and it turns out Jeff knows the guys. He text one of them, Dean, to tell him our encounter; Dean was so encouraged as he was about to go home but instead decided to go out preaching. Picture shown above is Jeff & Ronnie

Still later we went to Burbank and preached in a favorite spot by the mall populated with shoppers and movie goers. On Sunday after attending church at Grace Community in the Valley we headed for Universal City where I wanted to go and check out a preaching spot for the future. We went to “City Walk” which has a circus atmosphere with lots of people. We had a casual witness that day handing out tracts to people. The highlight was a Muslim who took a Gospel of John from Jeff.

We went to Santa Monica on Saturday morning before going to Riverside. I was able to preach in a prime spot at the 3rd street promenade. Perhaps the early morning rain may have scared off some of the other performers in the area. People trickled through and we had many divine appointments. Jeff gave out an evolution vs. creation DVD to Dave, the director of the NY Natural Museum who was walking by. Jeff had a good talk with him. Jeff also talked with an orthodox Jew who could not believe in the virgin birth. As we left we met Chad, a drifter who believed. We encouraged him and prayed for him. Jeff blessed him with some items before we left. Since I brought up Santa

Riverside hosts an annual Christmas celebration blocking off several streets. Tons of people come from all over Southern California to attend this festival. Arriving early we scoped out the area and picked our spot to set up. A well-meaning councilwoman came up and objected to the amp until I explained the difference in using an amp and not using one. She conceded that I should use it and admitted to Jeff that there is no law forbidding amplified sound. Underway I preached the Gospel for the next couple of hours. During this time we had two Christian families join us to hand out tracts. Daniel, Danielle & their little girl Penelope came up and met us. It was the first time they handed out tracts. They also wanted to know how to talk to JW’s We sent them home with more tracts to have for later. Next was Adam, Karen, with their two little children. These happy kids fearlessly handed out hundreds of tracts. Finally, cold and tired we left for the long drive back to Camarillo.

We started and ended our evangelism the same way. Right after picking me up at the airport Jeff handed a Mexican woman a Spanish pocket NT. Then when Jeff and I parted ways during lunch he handed another Spanish pocket NT to our waitress at the restaurant, with a tip of course. (Pic At Left is the First Woman Reading the NT)

Jeff witnessed to many Jehovah Witnesses. We got the names of these; Shawn & Olivia, Danny Thomas, Jerry & Marisa – Korean JW’s from Victorville, California. Jeff got their phone number for follow up.

In Riverside we met Salvador, a man who was saved listening to a radio program at work when nothing else would tune in. He was checking out what we were doing and stayed a little while. He also had his son and another friend with him.

Ryan, a young man who approached me in the financial district of LA as I was preaching and he wanted to know if I was accomplishing anything. I explained to him in a long discourse on how I was successful by getting the Gospel out. I cannot save anyone or convert anyone. I am just called to bring the message in a manor worthy of God. He was intrigued and went away with a different attitude. This was a very good conversation. Ryan also said he thought he saw me and a couple of guys (Ken & Duane) in Santa Cruz last summer.

Then there was Gregory, a disabled brother, who helped me hand out tracts in downtown LA. He knew the scriptures and would say them before I preached them. – Very humble fellow. The same day I met Charles who was starting his own business in the travel industry. I could tell he was struggling. He confessed Christ. After visiting with him I prayed for him before leaving. Please pray as the Lord leads you for these precious souls.

This is the city… is a famous line from “Dragnet”, an old police show on television. In downtown Los Angeles I had quite a time. I didn’t share the parable of the dragnet; however I had wonderful favor with the police. I have never experienced the favor of the Lord so much as this time here. I encountered countless LAPD, city ambassadors and private security all supporters of the Gospel. I was able to set up at Pershing Square on the corner of 6th & Olive. I preached downtown four days. The cold lifted and there were lots of people on the streets. I passed out several Gospels mostly Spanish and some tracts. Even on the bus to and fro I had good opportunities to share the Gospel. Pic to right is a Homeless Lady I met

Dan Allen Southland Christian ChurchThe later half of the week I stayed with my friend from high school, Dan Allen. Dan is the children’s pastor at Southland Christian Church. I spent most afternoons and evenings with Dan and his group. They have afternoon club on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We attended a live performance of “A Christmas Carol” staring Orson Bean as Scrooge on Thursday night. The kids loved it and the refreshments afterwards. I also saw a preview of their Christmas program that they were practicing for it while I was there.