Have Van – Will Travel

Gracious Supporters

The Lord has provided a very nice van through an individual from Alameda Chapel. It is a 2001 Ford E150 Econoline passenger van. It runs great and is very clean looking. The van came with the name; Henrietta but I thought I would call it Henry. Maybe the DMV can make the name change legal. More on the van later with pictures.

Maiden Voyage

My maiden voyage should be as soon as next week. I will leave Oakland and go to Sacramento where my nephew will help me with some modifications and outfit it for camping. After that it’s off to Los Angeles for about two and a half weeks before returning to the Bay Area for church business and doctor’s appointments. I will take off again for Arizona, then San Diego. I have some things to tie up here so I will be back before launching the year-long trip.

You can see where I am at by going to Travel Itinerary. I also will be posting regular updates on this site. So please check back.

Saying Goodbye

Well once again I am leaving SOS Ministries which I have been a part of over the last many years. I came to California in 2006. I was traveling when I came here but settled here for awhile. I gained a lot of experience preaching on the streets here in the Bay Area. But now it is time to go on the road again! Northern California will continue to be my homebase in any foreseeable future.


  1. Yea, that’s right! Some woman should be named after ships. The Titanic comes to mind. You didn’t hear it from me.


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