Spokane Evangelism January 2015

I flew up to Spokane, Washington to visit some friends for the last few weeks. It was winter up there with snow and cold temperatures. We went out street ministering in downtown Spokane the first Saturday evening I was there. It was cold but there were people out and we talked to several and handed out tracts and the Gospel of John. Toward the end of the evening we saw a lady who was passed out in the snow. We called an aid car and stayed with her until they came. Not sure what happened she may have hit her head and also been drinking

I also taught in two Bible studies while I was there and preached on both Sundays in Russian churches. One a large church and the other a smaller home church. Speaking through an interpreter was not easy as I am use to preaching on the street without stopping for an interpreter. I also did some nursing home ministry as my friend Bob and his family do this often. The fellowship was good but there is a reason I go south in the winter and north in the summer. (usually anyway)