Delay to LA

Sunday, February 8th
I thought to have been in Los Angeles awhile now but several things have delayed me. The outfitting of the van took longer than expected. We took out the seats and put in a new carpet. after that a bedframe was made for my mattress and then a partitian wall. My nephew Pat did the lion’s share of the work and yet I had a sore back that didn’t allow me to be very productive organizing my belongings once the van was finished.

I started out on Thursday only to find in my post office box a notice from Social Security saying I had to be down in their Oakland office Friday morning. I ended  up spending most of the day there with two trips to gather documents they needed to set me up. The judge’s official written decision was given on January 20th although I just got these notices a couple of days ago.

I drove most of the day Saturday and ended up to stay the night at a Walmart near Santa Clarita outside of LA. The van made it over grapevine hill with ease. I have only gone through there one other time when I was 18 years old towing a car. That was an experience to say the least.

So now I am in Bell, California where I attended church at Southland Christian where my friend Dan Allen is one of the pastors.  Monday starts the preaching in downtown Los Angeles. Below are some pictures of the van getting a makeover on the inside to accommodate my things outfitted for travel and battle. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

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