Back in the Bay

Sunday, February 22nd
I am back in the SF Bay Area briefly while I wrap up a few things like doctor’s appointments and make adjustments on the van. On March 1st I will also be attending Christ Bible Church for the last time in awhile. They will be praying for me and sending me out as Calvary Chapel of Roseville did a few weeks ago. I then will head to San Diego and beyond. Wow! the trip is finally here. Let me share a few highlights from Los Angeles.

Bell High School

Located in the Los Angeles Southland is Bell, California. My friend Dan is a pastor at Southland Christian Church in Bell. Throughout my time there we handed out tracts to mostly a Latino population. One of the days I preached at the local high school. The students seemed receptive and I also handed out lots of Gospels and New Testaments. There was one police officer on a motorcycle where I was but he was busy giving out tickets and paid no attention to me. One faculty member came by and thanked me for being out there.

Los Angeles

I preached in several locations during my time here. As per custom my friend Jeff and I went to Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, as well as, Redondo Beach where we met up with Frank & company from Open Air Campaigners. The Baxter’s and Bob Loeffert came down from the Bay Area to join us part of the weekend. I had tremendous favor from authorities regarding preaching with and amplifier during my visit. There were so many things that happened daily as I went out during the week preaching at two different locations in downtown LA and then going back to Bell and working the neighborhoods one-on-one and handing out tracts. Praise God for his strength and energy.

One story I will share was when I was at 5th & Broadway downtown LA and a heckler lady who eventually came up right beside me and shouted blasphemies as I was preaching. I stayed “in the pocket” like a quarterback and kept focused. Soon a city ambassador came by and she left. The next day I went back to the same place and it was much different. I handed out many Bibles and Gospels of John. People came by and were saying “Praise to Lord”. Several people stayed and listened for quite awhile. Although this is a rough area and run down a bit the people are more humble and it went quite well. I was able to pray for some of the people too!

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