San Diego – California’s Bible Belt

Downtown ~ Balboa Park ~ Broadway Pier ~ St Pat’s Parade ~ Colleges

I arrived in San Diego on March 3rd and have preached 13 days in a row. The Lord has really come through with everything I need for this trip including the strength to carry out the mission. Despite getting use to living out of the van and logistics, I have been able to prepare spiritually before going out everyday I’ve been here. This is accredited to our Lord, and you, the people behind the scenes praying. It has been a smooth path and I have been blessed in so many ways while here.

This was the second time we came out to San Diego State University and I was not too impressed. You could cut the pride with a  knife. However a younger woman who didn’t seem to be a student broke away from a crowd of people to come in front of me while I was preaching. She gazed down at the Bibles and other materials we had. She then approached Jerry and talked with him quite awhile as I continued to preach. Later Jerry told me she asked him what religion we were and revealed that she was Mormon. Jerry took her to Isaiah 43:10-11 “there is no other God before me or after me. Immediately she took her phone and looked up the scripture

Jerry had her read it aloud and she said that it does say what you told me. He explained that scripture directly contradicted Mormonism. She talked awhile longer before she had to go with lots to consider.

I have received a good reception preaching downtown San Diego at a favorite spot; 5th & “C” street along the trolley line. Many people have taken the materials I bring including Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel of John’s, and other Christian literature. Some actually stand in front of me and listen. I call this California’s Bible belt because there are so many Christians that come by and encourage us.

This has been my third time coming here to San Diego. Each time I get together with fellow evangelist Jerry Benson. Although I love staying in the van, the Benson’s have put me up in their home in El Cajon, a suburb of SD. It is nice to have a shower. I have managed to wash my hair (what hair?) with bottled water and a plastic wash basin. I have shaved in the van as well. To some this may be ruffing it but did the Apostle Paul have Huggies disposable wipes or a memory foam mattress?

The St Patrick’s Day parade was one of the highlights. A conservative estimate of several thousand people heard the Gospel or parts of the Gospel. Advertised as the largest Pat day parade this side of the Mississippi upwards of 35,000-50,000 attend. We met some other evangelists there from LA. We are having a literature table with some open-air preaching at Balboa park today and then Monday I leave for Tucson, Arizona. Have microphone, will travel!

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  1. Praise God, Larry. I keep you in my prayers and it warms my heart to hear you were not cited and got to preach and pass out flyers. God really does not have a large Army preaching on the streets, so he works miracles for the ones he has. Keep up the good work my friend and I will see you in May.


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