Arizona Amen!

Temperatures soared this month as I moved my way into the heart of the Southwest. My first few days in Tucson were rainy with some thunderstorms. After that is was in the upper 80’s and 90’s. The first time preaching in downtown Tucson I was pleasantly surprised in that there were more people on the streets than I thought would be. For the most part they are just has indifferent and hardhearted as in San Francisco. I preached here a couple times plus two days out at the University of Arizona. I always manage to hand out a few bibles and things. I met Kelsey a Christian student at UA who came up and encouraged me in the preaching.

While here I managed to hook up with Roy Spears staying with him several days. I also met up with Adrian Simila from the Lord’s Ranch in Washington. We went out witnessing on several occasions in Phoenix. Also Jerry Benson, my friend from San Diego was in Phoenix preaching in a church so I went out witnessing with him at a large street fair in Tempe. We handed out tracts and witnessed in conversation to many; mostly Jerry.

Plight of the Phoenix

A lady who was a bit out of sorts, maybe on drugs, interrupted me as I preached. As she grabbed my hand she told me that someone was after her. She said that it was a man on a motorcycle that was hunting her down and wouldn’t leave her alone. She was tired of running. Giving her the benefit of the doubt and not assuming she was having paranoid delusions I offered to help. I asked her if I could pray for her. She snatched her hand away and said no she didn’t need prayer. She started to rant and rave a bit.  About this time a motorcycle came from down the street and

rode up on the sidewalk hedging her in against a largo bulkhead. The man on the motorcycle was a Phoenix police officer. I couldn’t hear the conversation they had but within a few minutes she left walking down the sidewalk. Another day in the city!

Praise & Prayers

Some prayer requests for a few people I encountered in my one-on-one witnessing. There is Curtis who identified with the faith but I had suspected he was not saved. After a long conversation with him I asked about how one could enter heaven. He didn’t seem to know but had a “hope God looks at the good I have done and it outweighs the bad”. I shared with him about Jesus Christ and left him with a Gospel of John. Curtis has an incorrect view of Jesus and the Godhead. I also met “Cash” (spelling?) a young man who I met also preaching on campus. Good preacher and we worked together briefly before I had to go.

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