Ciudad Juarez – Safe & Sound

Frank Gonzales, a young preacher I met, and I walked into Mexico last Saturday from El Paso going in on the Stanton Street bridge and returning on the Santa Fe bridge and US border reception area. I took nothing in except my passport and Frank’s house key. I also had a little bit of cash.

I took lots of tracts and about a dozen Spanish NT and 2 Spanish Bibles. Once across the border we immediately saw people to hand tracts to and most of them took them. The first encounter with an American; Jacob, his wife, and another Hispanic guy turned out to be a divine appointment. Jacob who had one leg and in a wheel chair claimed to be a Christian and wanted some of our tracts to hand out. I gave him some but after further conversation he was clearly not saved and that by his own admission. Frank started a conversation with the Hispanic gentlemen who was interested. They spoke English at first but Jacob started to interfere but finally left with his wife. Frank and the other man talked for quite awhile as I handed out tracts to the people passing by us. Finally we left and up the street Frank said we should have given that guy a Bible. I said lets go back but as we hesitated here the guy walked right in front of us. We stopped and gave him a nice Spanish Bible as Frank talked to him some more.

Further up the street we encountered more people. Juarez has roughly 1.5 million people. We came to an area where there was a large Catholic cathedral. Out front was a large courtyard and a rock band playing American music from the sixties. We passed that and I noticed there was a man with a bull horn and I asked Frank to check it out I think he is preaching the Gospel. That was the case. A Mexican Christian group was doing an outreach. We went from there into the Catholic church and saw many people inside probably since the next day was Easter. We looked around briefly and went back out front and handed out tracts.

After that we headed back toward the border and we handed out all but a few of a 500 tract box. Plus about a dozen Spanish NT. One Bible. No problem entering in or out of Mexico. It was a great experience and glad I went. I told my son Matt who had served in Baghdad that I had been in a city more dangerous than he had. I also was unarmed. After I thought about it I realized I was armed; with the Gospel!


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