Texas – San Antonio & Austin

I just made it to Houston which is as far east as I will be going this leg of the trip. It is about the halfway point until returning to Sacramento for the Jazz festival outreach on Memorial Day weekend. Then I leave on the Northern & Midwest journey. Since my last report I have been to 2 more cities here in Texas. It has been hot and humid which is something I am not use to. It is the only time in my life that I have had to use the air conditioning in the vehicle while it was raining. Lots of thunder storms here. I’m still in search of the Bible belt as Texas has been just as indifferent as San Francisco; rejecting the Gospel.


Here I stayed with a family who I connected with via “Candle in the window” a Christian travel network. I was able to join free since I am a missionary. It was a very fantastic stay and quickly became friends with David, Sonya, and their two sons. I arrived on Saturday night and went to their church on Sunday which lasted most all of the day.

I was able to preach here on the following Monday & Tuesday. Both days I went out twice once in the morning / midday preaching downtown and then in the late afternoon when David and his oldest son joined me for evangelism. Both days downtown were well executed with lots of people on the streets and a variety of walks of life. Parking downtown is cheap; you may want to move here just for that.

The highlight was on the second day in the afternoon when we ended up on the state capitol grounds. We entered inside the rotunda area and talked to people in conversational evangelism. Here is what happened.

In the center of the rotunda is the State of Texas star. When you stand on the star and speak, it sounds like a huge amplified echo, yet no one outside the circle can hear you. This phenomenon David pointed out to the visitors as they came through. Like a tour guide he showed them how it worked and then started a conversation leading to spiritual matters. In some cases David would get to share the whole Gospel but usually if nothing else he gave them a tract.

I mention this story because it was so encouraging so see David and both of his sons be able to share the faith with strangers being creative. Please pray for them to continue in evangelism and fan the flame the Holy Spirit has put in them. Hopefully this will spread to their church also.

San Antonio

This is a large city but the streets are not as populated as I would have suspected. Perhaps this is due to the “River Walk” a large encompassing area where there are attractions and eateries. This is one level beneath the street. I noticed many of the locals go here for lunch.

My first day here was very good until a police officer came by and made me shut off the amp. This was after three officers and several ambassadors had already came by. He said he didn’t have a complaint but didn’t want one. I was able to preach to many for an hour and half and gave out some Bibles and other literature. The next day I went far from that area and preached again. The same officer came by and well you know. The day following I didn’t use the amp and had a great opportunity on a corner that was quiet; Houston and Navarro streets.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Larry. I’ll continue to pray for you as you take the gospel to the people on the streets! God bless you, brother.


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