Texas – Houston & Dallas

Currently I am in Amarillo, Texas on my way to Albuquerque. I preached in Houston for five days, Dallas four days, and in Fort Worth one day. In summery, these major cities are really no different than any other city I have preached in, including San Francisco. The overwhelming response is similar to what the response was in Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast found in Matthew 21. In verse 5 in response to the invitation it says, “But they made light of it and went their ways, one to his own farm, and another to his business. Generally speaking the crowds are indifferent and ignore the good news. Visibly they are aloof to the seriousness of their spiritual condition. Thank God for the small remnant.


The featured testimony is about a gal named Cody. I met her in Houston. When I was preaching she came up and stood for at least a half hour listening to the Gospel. When I came to a point of stopping I talked to her and she said that everything I was saying applied to her. I believe she has saving faith and as she told me her story. She mentioned that she had asked God for a different life. He answered her by allowing her to go through many trials and lose most everything she had in the way of material things. She is living in a woman’s shelter and is in a discipleship program. I prayed for her and then gave her some Bible literature before she left. She left very encouraged.

In Houston I stayed with Paul & Sini, a couple I met through “Candle in the Window” a Christian hospitality network. I met them at their church and then I stayed with them all week in their home in Cypress, Texas. We had a good time even though they had to work a lot. They are leaving shortly to India for three weeks. I preached in downtown Houston for five days before leaving. Please pray for this young couple as they desire to have children.

Dallas / Fort Worth

The first day I arrived downtown I thought it was a ghost town. Where are all the 1.2 million people of this city? Once lunch started it picked up some. The best day there was the last day where I preached on a corner of a city park. This is usually asking for trouble when using an amp but it turned out that the many policed who passed by on bikes and cars didn’t say anything.

This was not the case in Ft. Worth where I was shut down by police with the amp since they received a complaint. It turned out that five officers ended up by me. Apparently the other preachers that frequent FW are very hostile and argumentative to the police. They thanked me for being mellow. We ought to remember our witness is more than words. It is our behavior and demeanor. King Solomon said that a little folly does much harm to one respected for wisdom and honor. Ecc 10:1 After leaving the area I thought to myself; that is why the one officer on the bike waited so long, he was waiting for backup in order to approach the street preacher. Wow!

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