Denver – Mile High Fives

Last Thursday in Denver will go down as one of, if not the, most awesome times I have had since street preaching for the past nine years. First of all, Denver which is just shy of 700,000 people had so many people on the street every day I rank it second only to New York and San Francisco. I gave away a good amount of materials and had great favor overall however last Thursday was the best.

Common People Hear Gladly

It was on the corner of 16th street & Welton that I preached for two hours as John & Glory, my hosts, handed out tracts, answered questions, and prayed for over twenty people from all walks of life. I mentioned the “high fives” in the title. I received these from a half a dozen people walking by. At one point the city ambassador had to ask the people not to block the sidewalk as they lined up to hear the Gospel and grab the Bibles. This did not come without opposition. Although we had favor with police there was a young man who was promoting the use of marijuana right next to us. A few other minor hecklers also were present. God prevailed and we were there for about 45 minutes after I finished preaching to minister to people.

Elyissia and Jeremy - John & Glory talk to woman in background
Elyissia and Jeremy – John & Glory talk to woman in background

Elyissia and Jeremy (above) a young couple who listened to the preaching for over a half hour are both former heroin addicts that have trusted Christ as Lord and Savior. They have been clean for a little over 3 years. Elyissia was in tears as she came up to me stating that God had spoken to her just what she needed to hear.

Called on the Carpet

As usual I put down a piece of carpet in order to set Gospels and Bibles on as I preach. I have a free sign attached providing this self-service literature area. Well two young Muslims came up and commented that I had the Holy Bible on the ground. I had this happen before and they just usually want to argue. I told them that they didn’t have to worry since it was not a Quran. Over the next few minutes these guys began to ask questions and wanted some things clarified concerning Jesus of Nazareth. It then was revealed that they were some serious seekers so I spent about 15 minutes sharing Christ with them before they had to go. They had thick accents so it was a little hard to communicate. Their names are Raaman and Ysiu.

Nosebleed Section

Albuquerque and Santa Fe were both an interesting experience. I learned a lot there and had mostly one-on-one evangelism. Entering Colorado brought some unexpected challenges. Besides the severe thunder storms and snow, I had the constant awareness and anxiety of heart pain and shortness of breath. The nosebleeds that I had gave me confidence that my breathing problems were due to the high altitude. Please continue to pray for me as I will be back at homebase very soon and have a cardiologist test already scheduled for the day I get back. Thanks as always in Jesus name!


  1. Jeremiah 18:4 and II Corinthians 12:9 have brought me much comfort in times of ill health. Praying that He continues to prove over and over the love and care that He has for you. God bless your ministry!


  2. Excellent update Larry. I know that health troubles can be concerning and can be a distraction. Hebrews Chapter 11 gives me comfort through my health issues, so it may help you at this time. See you soon brother.


  3. Glory to God! Praying your health will fail not! May your physical heart gain the strength that your spiritual heart has in Christ Jesus!


  4. Hello Larry. Always a blessing to read your updates and hear how the Lord is using you. We’ll see you soon in Sacramento. God bless.


  5. Great time getting to know you, Larry!
    Wonderful preaching & ministry downtown Denver! Blessings to ya.


  6. Thanks for letting the Lord work through you Larry. Hope the docs can alleviate your health concerns. In my prayers.


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