Sacramento Jazz Festival

I look forward to this outreach every year and have been doing it since 2007. This year the crowds were not as great as in previous years however there were still plenty of people to evangelize. There were at least six of us each day for the first three days and then a few of us covered Memorial Day itself.

I personally handed out about 500 tracts over the four-day event. We were shut down with the amp on the first day after a lengthy discussion between Steve Styles and Officer Radcliffe. We were able to use it last year but from now on we have to obtain a sound permit. We continued to preach without the amp. Every year here there is a least one pristine woman who loses her composure and gets excited against the Gospel. This year was no different.

Capitol Offense (to some)

On Tuesday following the holiday several of us went to the State Capitol where I had obtain a permit to preach on the North side stairs. This went rather well as four of us; Gary, Wally, Michael, and myself preached while Tom handed out tracts and newsletters. Besides state workers, many children on field trips passed by us and heard the Gospel. On one occasion a man covered a child’s ears while walking by. Yes the Gospel offended another person; all in a day’s work. There are not too many hecklers at this venue but a woman yelled from a distance that “no one is listening” I responded by saying that God was. This was the fourth permit I have gotten in the last couple years and it was a good outreach overall. Toward the end a handicapped man in a wheel chair who couldn’t speak very well was asking Michael questions using his tablet. The questions were slanted toward our faith but Michael answered well.