First U.S. Journey Summery – Spring 2015

As most of you know the last four months I have been on a traveling evangelism trip. This took place in the Southwestern portion of the United States starting and finishing in California. I was able to go through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. I traveled in my van that was donated to this ministry; God also providing everything else as well.

The trip started off in February 2015 with a trial run from Oakland down to Los Angeles where I preached for a little over two weeks before coming back and taking care of some things before venturing half way across the country. Besides preaching in the LA area I was also able to visit friends and evangelize with Southland Christian Church. In March I took off after being sent out by my church to San Diego. There I was able to connect with my friend Jerry Benson who is an evangelist also. Besides downtown we went to three different colleges. Then I headed for Arizona where I preached in two cities; Phoenix and Tucson. I also had friends there to stay with and to go out with evangelizing.

Once I left Arizona I was in uncharted territory. I went to El Paso, Texas and met a church and several brothers who like to preach on the streets and evangelize their community. At this juncture I went into Juarez, Mexico for a day and we handed out 500 tracts to the people there. After that I preached in five other major Texan cities.

I was introduced to an online Christian hospitality network and stayed with three different families. Once they found out I was traveling in order to do the Lord’s work they provided housing for my entire stay. This was a wonderful experience for me as well as them. Into Albuquerque I stayed at a retreat ran by Hosanna ministries then traveling north to Denver had the greatest time street preaching in a long time, maybe ever.

The Lord was good to me on this trip. The van ran excellent and I had no troubles during the trip. Returning to Sacramento by Memorial Day I had some health issues but everything turned out ok so I will be leaving again in late June. You can read about each city adventure on the previous blog postings.

To view Photos from my trip CLICK HERE!