Keep Portland Wierd

Keep Portland weird is one of the city’s mottos. They do not fail to live up to it. I saw many people that I could not tell what sex they were. The city known for favoring the homeless and runaways had a few years ago cracked down on vagrants however they are back and the city has a host of young people who are very lost living on the streets. This makes a good mission field however and we were able to minister to the humble ones as they approached us as the Gospel was being preached.

I preached downtown Portland every day during the week and despite the hot weather there were many people on the street. Each day brought spiritual warfare and yet many divine appointments. I was accosted several times and one time my amp was kicked over with no damage thankfully.

In the midst of this battle I was able to hand out many tracts, Gospels, and Bibles. There was a segment of people that were hungry for God. Most of these people are afflicted and heavily marred by sin. Val, Trish, Cheyenne, and others received prayer and Bibles.

Most days brought other local evangelists out; Steve, Marty, Ron & Karen, Mike, and others. I met this group over the last several years on my trips to Portland.

While Ron Rohman was preaching I went to hand a man (Eric) a chick tract when he said he already read one like it. I asked if he were saved. He said no, that he had not made that commitment to Christ. I shared the Gospel with him and then encouraged him to call on the Lord for salvation. He admitted that he did not know what he was waiting for.

I met up with Glencullen Baptist Church, a likeminded fellowship of believers and was able to bless them with some books from First Love Publications. I attended Sunday services and a midweek prayer meeting. They pray for my ministry and it was good to see most of them this time around. I also looked up an old friend, Richard Latimer who joined me for two days on the streets of Portland.

It has been very hot here and continues as I move the ministry into the Seattle area. I will be here for about a month with a trip to Alaska tucked in there. Many other exciting things happened but could not include them in this short report. Until I write again, be blessed in our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  1. Hi Larry, When you go to Alaska are you going to near Cantwell….Near Denali between Anchorage and Fairbanks…Look up Bluesberry Inn Rod Smith formerly CCR and UGM is owner. God Bless Ed


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