Juneau Alaska – Someone’s Paradise

Juneau is very beautiful. I have been up here many times before but all were in the winter months. This was my first time here in the summer. It was light out until after 11pm even with the cloud cover that brought rain for most of the week. I came to visit my sons and their wives; Matt & Kate, Chad & Sarah. I got a glimpse of paradise by getting a helicopter ride up to the glacier. Kate works at the helicopter place and I got a free ride. There are a number of glaciers in the area with lots of mountains and waterways also. Hunting and fishing are a way of life here and I was taken on Chad & Sarah’s boat for some halibut fishing. We didn’t catch anything but I was able to enjoy some we had for dinner from previous catch. Bears and other wildlife are common to the area so people have to latch their garbage cans among other things.

Here is a link to the pictures I took: JUNEAU JULY 2015

The other paradise I couldn’t help but notice was the evangelism opportunity for someone who lives here or is at least here for the summer. With all the cruise ships that come into port (sometimes five at a time) there are plenty of tourists to witness to like in San Francisco. I understand they come from all over but most speak English. Talking to one of Matt’s fellow officers I was informed there was a great need for the locals here as well. They like other cities have drug related problems. Yes I believe for the right person this town of 35,000 or so could be well managed by hitting the tourists downtown and doing one-on-one ministry to the other residents. A evangelist’s gold mine and someone’s paradise.

I had a great trip and can’t wait to go back there again sometime. I didn’t realize both of my sons are quite the cooks. Not to take anything away from the gals, both of them went out of the way to have some great meals. Besides the crab and halibut, we had pulled pork and  homemade moose chili. It all was wonderful. I attended church with my oldest son Matt and didn’t get to see some of the people I know at Calvary Chapel there although I attended a mid-week prayer meeting at Calvary.


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