Spokane – The Heat is On!

It is very dry here and lots of fires around this area, as well as, Canada and Idaho. For the past several days smoke has filled the sky as nearby fires burn. Springdale, where I am staying, has not had a fire as of yet. We also have had some dust storms. As hot as the weather has been I have experienced a different kind of heat.

This has been a turning point in the ministry as I feel “the heat is on” to continue to go forth preaching the Gospel. I am very excited that the Lord has come through once again in my life and has enabled me with desire and opportunity. Please continue to pray for me that I be kept by the power of God.

Evangelism in Spokane
Most of the last week spent here in the Spokane area was healing and feeding my spirit man. I did however preach a couple of times in downtown Spokane. One day my long-time friend Bob and his daughter joined me down by the transit terminal. I preached and they handed out tracts and witnessed one-on-one. It was a hot day and the first time I have been out preaching in over two weeks.

The next time was fabulous as I preached for over an hour across from a transit center during the lunch hour. More people than expected roamed the streets and several stopped to listen. I had over a dozen good encounters with people. There was a Buddhist monk who stood and listened for about 15 minutes as I shared the Gospel. I was able to hand out several Bibles, New Testaments, and Gospel of John’s.

The Lord’s Ranch – Newport, Washington
I made a visit to the Lord’s Ranch which proved to be bad timing. The director, Adrian took his family camping the day I came by. Also, Eddie Shields, who I intended to visit was gone on a road trip with some of the fellows to Sturgis. I stayed only a short while visiting Roger one of the leaders before going back to my friends in Springdale.


  1. Do you have some way to get a donation to you or should I just wait until I see you in Roseville? Direct deposit, money order, ATM? Please advise. Hope the Lord has blessed you with good health while on the road. Kathy Cameron


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