The Great (Salt Lake) Commission

The Windy City

I know you are thinking Chicago but every day here has been hot and with strong winds. The most wind I have experienced out preaching. It was so bad; I only had my little green carpet with Bibles and other Gospel literature out one day. The next day the strong winds blew it all down the street. I had passerby’s help me pick it up. After that I only took a few Gospel’s because they fit in my pocket.

The Belly of the Beast

Well I have been here in the belly of the beast (Mormon Country) for a week and nothing extraordinary has happened. I don’t spend a lot of time railing on Joseph Smith or other Mormon distinctives. I preach the Gospel like I do anywhere else although with some adjustments. For example, I use the book and verse when quoting God’s Word. They do use the Bible here and are familiar with it so this was a nice feature. I also preach on the blood atonement of Christ sufficient for all sins. Mormons believe that the sin of murder one must atone by shedding their own blood, thus the death penalty here is a firing squad. I spend a lot of time preaching on the deity of Christ and do point out he is not the brother of Lucifer as they also believe. Other than that I just preach about Christ and Him crucified. SLC is only about 45 percent LDS so the Gospel in its simplicity suffices.

Christians Are Here

There are surprisingly many Christians here. I met Mike, a former Mormon who is saved now and has a ministry here to the homeless people, which by the way, there are a lot of. My experience last time I was here is that I met a lot of Christians to my surprise. This time was no different. I met a couple of gals from Calvary Chapel who brought me a cup of ice water. I also had the thumbs up from others who passed by. I was able to give one lady in a wheelchair a Bible, she was very glad.

Cops Here

Once again the Lord came through and I was able to preach all week with my amps without any complaints or any police approaching me. The first day there were 2 bicycle policeman who rode by me and stayed on the corner for a few minutes before proceeding on. They didn’t say anything regarding the amp. Most of the favor was I just didn’t see any police other than a few cars driving by. The last day I had my amp up kind of loud too. on a side note: One of the officers here in Salt Lake City became the chief of police in Juneau where my son Matt is a detective. He has been chief now since 2013. Last time I was here a couple of officers knew him so it made a small world encounter.


  1. Thank you Larry. Praying for you that you may be encouraged in the Lord. Pete & Margaret are in California visiting. They have been staying with me & it’s been wonderful. Hope all is well with you. Lord bless you!

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