Portland – Material Witness

The first day of preaching I went to the riverside walk where they have a Saturday market and the usual “vanity fair” as the local street preachers named it. I did not give away any Bibles, Gospels, etc. This changed the following week as I gave away a tremendous amount of materials such as whole Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels of John, tracts, and some other books. The materials we hand out provide a great witness as well as the preaching.

Multiple Oneself

The biggest news of course is John Payne, a man who joined me on the streets this last week and a half. John came out initially to observe and hand out tracts and perhaps get into a conversation with someone. The first day out I asked him if he cared to take the microphone. Like expected he declined. The next day he told me he had some scriptures to share and wanted to preach. He took to it like a duck to water and preached the rest of our time out. Today (Tuesday) after we were done I went with him to the Guitar Center and helped him pick out an amp and mic. So now he is an outfitted street preacher. Praise the Lord this excites me so!

It went very well in Portland. It is legal to use the amp here without a permit and there are plenty of people. Many stop and inquire and some oppose but it is always a blessed time here. Please pray for this city and John as he takes on this awesome work. Some honorable mentions we had conversations with are; Lemmi, who grew up in the church but knows he is not saved but he came up to us and John prayed for him. Also there is Michael a man whom I prayed for who is on the streets after losing everything to alcohol. There was Travis and others too!

I attended Glencullen Baptist Church where I have developed a relationship with Pastor Phil Cavin and the church body over the last several years. My good friend James Lafayette (street preacher) went home to be with the Lord shortly after my coming here in the summer of 2013.

Boise Chronicles

(9/8/15) Today I went to downtown Boise and ended up on the corner of 9th & Main. It was very sparse and before settling there I went around a few blocks. Some of the streets had the open cafés and I avoided them. Once settled I put out the Bibles and NT. This is the first time in a long time that not one thing was taken nor were there any who stopped to ponder. I had only a couple of people show their support through verbal or body language expressions. I preached not quite an hour and left disappointed. Since Boise was a bust I decided to leave the area and go to Portland where there are better places to preach and more people.

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  1. Larry, would love to try and hook up with you when you get back to Ca, we met at the House once in Oakland, I’m still going out now and then with SOS but traveling that far some weekends is a bit costly.
    I live in Auburn but would like to tag along on a day or two with you to start to learn more about open air, ready to pick up the mic or just start talking but would like a little more observation , take care, Robert.


    1. I’ll be back the first week in November or so to Sacramento we could go out there I’ll get ahold of you when it gets closer


  2. Thank you Larry for sharing. It’s encouraging to see your obedience to the Lords calling for you. Lord bless you and Lord willing we will see you in the near future.


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