Seattle – Revisited & Rainless

After last summer’s mishaps I decided to come back here and was glad I did. I had a great time and with some good weather was able to go out almost every day (weekdays). Because I was on a mission to get some serious preaching in, I did not visit friends or family as I did this last summer. In 2014 I preached here in Seattle and received a written warning for sound violation. I had never received one of this before in any city. This time was much different; that according to one police officer using my amp was completely ok without a permit. The rest of the police must have concurred since nothing was said even with my large amp. I preached on two new corners this time around and was pleased with the outcome.

First and Last

Gabriel was a young man I met on the first day I was in Seattle and then I saw him again on the last day that I was there. The first time I met him he stood and listened for a while and then I stopped to talk to him. Ironically he had a question about Michael the archangel. I pointed out that there are only three angels in scriptures that are named; Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. I told him to focus on Jesus being God. We talked a few minutes before he left. I prayed for him all week and then I saw him again on a different corner the last day I was there. After our conversation at that time I believe him to have saving faith.

A Day in the Life of a Street Preacher

Today I headed for 2nd and Pine but when I got there the police were arresting an elderly Eskimo man who was intoxicated. They had at least ten cops there mostly on bikes. They had a paddy wagon also. I was going to wait it out but then another police car with their lights on pulled up and I decided to go down the street for today.

I landed on 3rd and Pike where I have preached several times before over the years. The guy across the street holding his Jesus sign was the same one there last time. I found out his name is Charlie and eventually went over and we prayed together. I preached for about an hour and a half and gave away ninety percent of the materials including Bibles, New Testaments, and Gospels. It was a great day, the best in a long time including my terrific time in Pittsburg.

I met Percy a man who stopped me to say that I shouldn’t impose my message on everyone. I kindly talked with him and he thanked me for being friendly although I couldn’t convince him of my view. I had several Christians come by and either give me the nod or “high fives” to show their support of the Gospel.

I’m not the best critic for myself but my message seemed to really flow today and I had a great time. Although my back was sore before and after this outing the Lord gave me the grace to endure standing in one place while I preached and walking to and fro from the bus.

Today besides being assured of my legal use of the amp I received some “Friendly Fire” The term “friendly fire” taken from the military vocabulary is when a soldier is injured or killed by another soldier that is on the same side. This is a real travesty and yet it is part of warfare. It may never be eliminated from happening but the goal is to minimize it. I have coined this term to describe what takes place out on the street. Many times well-meaning Christians can distract, interrupt, and hinder the Gospel of Jesus Christ. READ MORE



  1. Thank you Larry. Thanks for sharing. Praise the Lord for the favor He continues to give you to preach the gospel. Lord bless!

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