Journey Summery – Fall 2015

Leaving the Bay Area in late June I traveled up I-5 first to Portland and then Seattle. Alter that I headed east to Spokane and then a long drive to Denver. Because of some health issues and other trials I didn’t proceed to go further east as originally planned but went back to Portland and stayed there two weeks. During this time I was helpful to an up and coming street preacher; John Payne. I flew from Portland to Pittsburg to keep my commitment there and it was a marathon of evangelism along with prayer meetings, Bible study, and great fellowship. After returning to Portland I immediately headed back to Seattle for two weeks where I made up for the down time I had in August due to my back pain. Well, if you haven’t already you can read about each individual trip by looking at my previous posts. I want to thank everyone who supported the work and I am very grateful for the body of Christ.

Down the Coast

As I wrap up this leg of my year-long trip I thought it would be beneficial to travel back to the Bay Area via highway 101. After leaving Portland I drove to Lincoln City and then all the way down the coast and cut over at Clear Lake to go to Sacramento first. This slow travel allowed me to take time to reflect, pray, and be replenished in the Lord. When I got to Willits, California I met up with a few friends of mine who had an outreach planned for two days; one day in Willits and the next day in Lakeport. These are small towns which I am not used to but it was a great experience. Holding

Jesus signs are a big part of these outreaches as you get more cars than people walking by. The highlight was in Lakeport when a man who passed by in his car heard me preaching and pulled over and parked. He came up and stayed awhile sitting on a nearby bench. His name is Si and he was a Christian.


What does one do on Halloween? Attend a Halloween party, oh I mean, “Harvest Party” The last two years I have evangelized and preached in Alameda on Halloween. It was, and is, a great outreach. Many people, mostly families, flood the streets in downtown Alameda. Over the years I have also done some preaching on Halloween in other cities; a couple of those years I even dressed in a costume as a friend and I went out as the “two witnesses” in Revelation. I have also attended prayer meetings that lasted well beyond midnight. Well this year I was at my niece’s and thought what would be a good alternative for her children? Then I had an idea; I would do a Bible study on witchcraft. This turned out rather well as we looked at the witch of Endor involving Saul the King.


I was scheduled to preach in Sacramento for two days before coming to the Bay Area. The first day it was a total rain out so Robert Payne from Auburn, California joined me to discuss the street preaching ministry. We met in a coffee shop for four hours. The next day we went downtown Sacto and for the first time Robert took the mic. Please pray for him and also for John in Portland both being Payne’s (pun intended)

I also had a great homecoming at Calvary Chapel of Roseville attending Sunday service and visiting with the saints. I was able to attend the Men’s group while I was there too.


  1. Dear Brother Larry,
    Always good to hear from you! I pray for your health and that God will strengthen and encourage you. God is testing my resolve. Tuesday there were 2 individuals (separately) who came with their “gotcha!” questions. On Friday, I was harassed for 20 minutes or so with non-stop yelling. He was probably off his meds. Nothing seemed to work. Whether I stopped or preached, he continued. At one point he slapped the steel pole behind me in an effort to physically intimidate (it was working rather well). I decided to hold my ground and pray for protection. Just then, I heard music 1 block away. My cheering section decided to have a look-see and that was the last of him. Praise God for His listening ear. The group was a pseudo-Christian cult from Taiwan, replete with singers, dancers and their own prophet (Elijah Hong). Like all Christian cults, their prophet receives revelation in order to restore a lost NT church. Nothing new. I talked to a young lady handing out literature. I challenged her with some Bible verses as did Karen (Ron’s wife). And so, I will continue to bless some with the fragrance of Christ. With other, I will live up to my name. I pray Robert will do likewise.
    In Christ,
    John Payne


    1. Good to hear from you John. I figured it was only a matter of time before you experienced some extremes. For what it is worth; in the ten years I have been doing this I only was physically accosted twice, both times by women. Keep up the good work you are in our prayers!


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