A December Night in San Diego

Besides the usual paragraphs with news of the latest outreaches, I have 2 short videos (1-3 min) and a number of photos in this blog post. It was a fruitful ten days I spent in San Diego this go around. I have been here four times previously dating back to 2011. I went to a number of places; Balboa Park, two college campuses, and my usual downtown venue. I preached both with and without an amp. I had many good conversations, a wide-open door, and much resistance. I also had good fellowship with the saints and laboring with other evangelists. God’s Providence led my friend Jerry Benson to a new church and they have an evangelism ministry with two young men who preach on the streets.

Give Me Fifty Men

It was an exciting evening of preaching at Balboa Park during the “December Nights” festival. Around 350,000 people attend this two-day annual event during the Christmas season. Jerry Benson arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon and set up at our desired spot. The preaching commenced and it was glorious as we took turns preaching over my small Vox™ amplifier unhindered for the next 4 hours.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was observing a group from Los Angeles who came down to evangelize this event. I have seen them before not only here in San Diego, but in LA and in Seattle. They carry very distinctive yellow banners that are professionally designed with Scripture that pertains to salvation. They also open-air preach as part of their outreach. On this particular night two of the members were women, girls actually. They could not have been more than 20 years old. Both were holding signs as one of them was preaching the Gospel. After leaving the area my friend Jerry and I discussed the idea of women preachers. This is something that is somewhat controversial in the church and within the street preaching community. I commented to Jerry, “give me fifty men”. Fifty men that are courageous enough to get out of the church, leaving all to follow Christ, and preach the Gospel as commanded by our Lord. If you give me fifty men to travel these United States preaching and discipling others to do the same, well then, and only then, would I tell these girls to stop preaching.

Grossmont Community College

This place was fairly quiet as finals week approached. It went well as Jerry talked with many students and I preached. I was able to preach expositionally out of Romans chapter 5 which went very well. I had some good encounters with seekers and some difficult situations with scoffers who claimed to be atheists. Some of the students to pray for are; Randy and Jacob both of these students had honest inquiries. I had long conversations with them and are in need of salvation.

San Diego State University

This first day here turned out to be a great day. There were four of us preaching and another three distributing tracts and one on one. When we arrived on SDSU we began with prayer. I started the preaching first, followed by Jerry Benson, then a Pastor Gil, and last but not least was Alford. At 58 I was the youngest in this six man, one woman team. All of the preachers had several people listening on the peripheral edge. I also talked to a former graduate who was sharing about the college and the strongholds that are there. We ended with prayer and had some good fellowship debriefing. Joe is another prayer request. Joe was a heckler at first but soften under the presence of the Holy Spirit when confronted with Jesus Christ. I saw him two days in a row and feel God wants me to continue to pray for him.

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  1. Thank you Larry for keeping us posted on your trips. It’s been wonderful to follow up on your trip. Praying for you & all these wonderful opportunities. Lord bless.

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