Los Angeles – Year End 2015

A great way to end the year was receiving an important answer to prayer. Before arriving in Los Angeles I had been praying for the last several months regarding someone to be raised up at Southland Christian Church that would become a street preacher. Southland Christian is a church where my friend growing up, Dan Allen, is a pastor on staff and for the last several years I have come to know senior Pastor Jeff Cox and the church body as well. On my last night there after sharing about the ministry to the Wednesday night bible study group, Anthony came up to me and said he would like to go out preaching with me. He is a young man who was saved about a year ago from Buddhism. Anthony is already witnessing with tracts and on the internet. I assured him that when I return in March he could accompany me on the streets. Pastor Jeff fully supports evangelism and street preaching and will be praying for Anthony. Please pray for me as the Lord continues to open doors to this addition to the ministry; discipling those who desire to evangelize and more specific – street preaching.

Sidewalk Skirmish

The place is Los Angeles on Olive street which borders Pershing Square: I have preached here a number of times over the last five years. Today was a real battle for the sidewalk. I have found it advantageous to always go to the outer most edge of the sidewalk when street preaching. The main reason is that this limits the inquiries and objections of people, mostly merchants. Common sense dictates that you cannot block an entrance or impede the path of pedestrians. Occasionally I will decide to be set back into an alcove or a doorway of an abandoned building. Sometimes the building manager will come out and mention that it is private property and I have to move. Well, OK.

At Pershing Square last week I set back off the sidewalk to be against a bulkhead. I have done this before with no problem. This allows me to have a backdrop and a better place to display the Gospels of John. On this particular day I had P.S. security come out and tell me that there is not amplification allowed in the park. Pershing Square is technically a park and they have their own security and rules. I then moved out to the outer edge of the sidewalk. I was told that was not good enough and that I could not be on the sidewalk; that they had control of that as well. I told the lady that she was wrong and proceeded to preach. She called another security officer and he came and told me the same thing. I respectively told him that the battle for the sidewalk has been tried in the supreme court and it is just that, a PUBLIC sidewalk. I told him I was not moving and that he should call the police. At this point they seem to have every personnel on duty standing behind me about twenty yards away. I continued to preach and after about 40 minutes no police and those standing behind all left. I stayed as long as I could but decided that I was done for the day having preached about an hour before they first came out.

This was a infrequent time I decided to stand my ground. I am glad I did. I have no idea why the police didn’t come. The Lord continues to give favor as the Gospel goes forth boldly on the streets of America. With favor being the norm, I will move if told to by police because it usually indicates that God wants me somewhere else.

2015 Year End Summary

In brief the year 2015 was a great year. I was able to travel in the country covering many states. of course you can always look at the my past postings and review the cities and states I went to. I didn’t make it as far as I thought in many ways however I did cover a lot of ground and the Lord open up some other opportunities that I didn’t expect like helping some of these other guys get started in their street preaching ministry.


  1. Thank you Larry for sharing these good news. I will continue to keep u in prayers. Where are you going next?

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