From Trial To Triumph

Four Gospels into One Narrative

This is my best attempt to compile all accounts of the Gospels into chronological order to be read from one narrative. I begin with the arrest in the garden and finish with the ascension. I have also included some text from the book of Acts and 1 Corinthians where appropriate. I have worked on this project off and on over the last several years. My purpose was to compose one narrative in order to preach sections of this on the streets from memory. I do not claim that my work here is 100% accurate nor in any way inspired. There have been other men of God who have tackled such a project long before me. I did not copy from them; this is my own work. When it comes to the resurrection I found it difficult to put in order since the whole of the account is woven throughout all four Gospels. These testimonies are perhaps better preserved and authentic by letting each one stand on its own; for each writer brings out a different focus. This is a lot of material so I made it into a page rather than a post.


Brief Preaching Update

I have been on a holding pattern here in the SF Bay Area. This is OK. In between doctor’s appointments and rain storms I have been going out preaching of course here in places like San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. On this usual circuit I am accompanied by Andy Conway and Dave St. Marie.

Many preachers are coming from around the country to descend on the Super Bowl held this year in the new Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. This event I have taken a back seat to but will be going out this Friday night as Market Street in San Francisco should be packed with people going to “Super Bowl City” an attraction that is held every day until the big game.

I attended a March for Life event last week as an estimated 50,000 people marched down Market Street in San Francisco. Many of these were Christian, but probably mostly Catholics. We had set up across from the anti-life, pro abortion group. This group’s slogan is “abortion on demand, no apologies” They are a bit militant. They were there to protest the pro life event. It was very interesting. We had some great signs that Timothy Oliver, from my church, provided as this issue is very near his heart. I was able to witness one-on-one to a few people. One of these was Captain Evins of the SFPD. There were lots of people there. Later in the afternoon I went a few blocks away and preached for about two hours and had many good encounters. One was with a lesbian who had been brought up in a Christian home but has forsaken the faith because of harsh parents.

We got to March for Life early - Me holding signs.
We got to March for Life early to set up. That is me holding signs.


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