Bay Area Wrap

Since the first of the year I have been in the San Francisco Bay Area in a holding pattern. I was able to take care of many doctor appointments and physical therapy for my back. Although not on the road to a far away place, I have been preaching in four major cities here; San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Berkeley. Sometimes these reports can be redundant so I will just share a few stories (highlights) from the different locations. This wraps up my time in the Bay Area as I will start to move toward the East Coast in the Spring and then to the Pacific Northwest come summer, the Lord willing.

As I write this blog I am in Los Angeles and will be here until the middle of next week. There are a few people here with me from the Bay Area also evangelizing. I will post something next week about the exciting things happening here. There are at least 4-5 people per outing that we have divine appointments with. It is hard to compile a list of all the people but please pray for those who may have been touched by the Gospel. Thank You!


Dave St Marie and I met at 13th & Broadway. I have not been on this particular corner in quite sometime. It got a little chilly as I preached. I had to use my stool because of my back and I ended up teaching a couple of passages; the narrow gate, and road to Emmaus. This was me branching out to more of a teaching ministry. I had a few hecklers including a semi blind man who insisted that Jesus never said “the blind leading the blind”. It goes to show you that people are really listening and one should be careful not to be taken out of context.

Toward the last part of our time there were two women who were off to the side listening for quite sometime. One even pulled out a Bible and turned to where I said to look (1 John). They both listened intently for over a half hour and then one took a Gospel and the other I visited with for awhile and then Dave and I laid hands on her and prayed for her healing requests.

On another day in Oakland; Once again another great night at the Bay Area Rescue Mission. Thank you so much for everyone who prayed. I taught from Luke 24 which led into a discourse on the resurrection of Christ. I then used that as a springboard to preach the Gospel and salvation.

Using a baseball analogy, this particular Wednesday in Oakland was like winning a double-header. Prior to going to BARM Bay Area Rescue Mission) I was in downtown Oakland preaching and this went very well. The best day I had down there in quite sometime. Many people stopped, took Bibles or Gospels, and received prayer. One guy sat on the sidewalk and listened for over a half an hour. He reminded me of the story Jesus told about the two who went up to the temple to pray. This man, James, was beating his chest and saying, “Jesus have mercy on me I am a sinner” It was awesome!

San Jose

Andy Conway and I met at the normal place by the library. I once again taught in one of my two sessions (Andy also preaching) and I had two people, a couple, and another man who stayed and listened for awhile.

I had a guy who maybe demonized come at me clucking like a duck then kicking the speaker and when I stood up he shoved me and I went backward and the stool was knocked down. I remained calm and didn’t even verbally respond. The guy was a wacko who needs Christ. Several people stood up that were sitting on the stairs listening and came to my defense. One man also picked up my stool for me. They were yelling at the guy that I have a right to free speech and to talk about God – they were listening.

On another day in SJ Bob Loeffert (Evangelist from Pittsburgh, PA) myself and Eric Baxter went to San Jose to two places. First in front of the library and then over to 1st and Santa Clara Avenue. Both places had lots of spiritual warfare. Bob really liked this area. Many conversations went forth. There was a woman smoking pot mixed with sage (wicca) right by me on purpose and seemed like she summoned the demons as 3 other people in the area came all at once to harass me. These people were energized by satan. That was at the library. On the other side of town I also was attacked twice. Both were violent but no harm to me. The first guy was angry and wanted me to stop. The other, a lady, who I thought was a man came over and tried to kick the speaker and then spit on me. very strange but there were other people who intervened. The gospel went forth. I preached for about 3 and a half hours total, great day!

San Francisco

Although I personally didn’t participate in the Super Bowl outreach, around 100 preachers came from all over the country to evangelize this yearly event. We did however go to the Chinese New Year Parade in SF. We had a good turnout of workers and an array of preachers including Garrett Waters who preached in Mandarin. Lots of tracts were handed out as well.

Double header today at Golden Gate Park in the Haight-Ashbury district and then Fisherman’s Wharf. First we went to Golden Gate Park and it rained but I preached without an amp in a tunnel where everyone gathered to keep dry. It went well. We also had socks and navel oranges to give away. This was on a Friday, then later we went to the Wharf and took a spot that SOS had reserved but was not going to use. This went well as Bob from Pittsburgh got a full spectrum of SF (and still is has we plan to go out all next week)

We went to McDonald’s for the rain delay and Bob witnessed in there a lot. Bob and I also tried to witness to some Asian kids getting out of school and it was a hard crowd, very closed. Very good day and so much happened it is hard to write down everything.

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  1. Nice to hear from you again. Great that God has people out there to come to your aid when you get knocked down, spit upon, and kicked. Our God is awesome and has his arms wrapped around you while you are sharing his Word to a Christ-starved nation. God bless you and hope to see you at Easter.


  2. Thank you Larry. Praying for you, your health and all the great opportunities. Are you still on LA?

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    1. Thanks Amanda – I am still here in Los Angeles and will be until the middle of next week before leaving for San Diego.


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