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Exhaustive – Exhausted – Evangelism

Our evangelism team from the Bay Area descended on Southern California this past week. (Feb 26th – March 6th) It was exhaustive hitting all major places and at the end we were exhausted from this evangelism marathon. The ten-day trek included these hot spots: Downtown LA, Pershing Square, Broadway, Skid Row, Hollywood, Burbank, North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Union Station, Hollywood Proper, Compton, Long Beach, & MacArthur Park. Attending with me were; Eric & Jill Baxter, Ben Beasley, Danny Beshwati, and Bob Loeffert (From Pittsburgh, PA). Jeff Baran from Camarillo also joined us a few times.

Each day, as well as, a couple of evenings everyone shared our faith with many people. As you can imagine we accumulated a large number of individuals to pray for everyday. The team stayed together in a rented apartment so we had prayer morning and evening and also group devotions in the morning going through the book of Romans. This was led by our senior evangelist Bob Loeffert (70). The basic format each time out was me preaching and the others handing out tracts and witnessing one-on-one. There were very good conversations and we believe that two people were born again during our efforts. In the remainder of this report I want to focus on a few highlighted people and situations. Thank you for those who prayed and supported this missionary journey to the second largest populous area in the United States – Los Angeles, California (sorry no pictures this time)

ELAC – East Los Angeles College

After the team left back home I stayed on in Los Angeles. I went here to ELAC for two days with Anthony, a 21-year old Christian, who came out of Buddhism. Anthony has been witnessing on campus with signs and tracts since the school year began last fall. I met him at Southland Christian Church where I attend when I’m in the LA area. I had been praying that the Lord would raise someone up from Southland that would become a street preacher. I believe Anthony is an answer to that prayer.

The first day on campus we went to the free speech area where I preached with the amp for about two hours with breaks in between while Anthony and I talked with students. I also met another Christian; Daniel who seems to be a leader on campus who encouraged me to preach. Afterwards we met up with Daniel and other Christian students for a worship gathering and outreach with free pizza. A local pastor gave a short message.

The following day I arrived on campus at about 11 am and met Anthony. We talked and prayed then I started preaching as I did the day before. Anthony had to go to class but soon after he left, the campus police came and said someone complained about the microphone. Apparently I have to go through some process to set up like I was. Because Anthony had to go I decided to stop and told the officer I would go through the proper channels next time. Right then a young man came up and asked me about what I was saying on repentance. His name is Marco and I talked to him for over a half hour. He seemed to be saying the right things and attended a church but when I asked him if he were born again he didn’t know that that was. I explained some scripture to him and then later asked the question; if God were to say to you, “why should I let you into my heaven, what would you say?” Marco said he did not have a clue. I explained the Gospel to him again and prayed for him. I also gave him a pocket New Testament and told him that Jesus said, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened, ask and you will receive.

Hollywood Proper – Santa Monica & Vermont Streets

Here I met Thaddeus, an older African American man, who was sitting on a bus stop bench. Bob had given him a tract and I went up and talked with him. Thaddius was holding a beer inside a paper bag and admitted he had a drinking problem. I shared some of my testimony and shared that Christ has to do it all. Trying to get right with God by going back to church unregenerated was vanity. This had seemed to be his solution. I notice with Thaddeus and others that guilt motivates them to say they are going to get their act together. He seemed to understand. I prayed with him and before we parted he thanked me for talking to him although in the beginning he was apprehensive of what we were about. Someone once said that, before we share we have to show we care. I believe the Holy Spirit working through us can accomplish this quite quickly. For truly does the Holy Spirit care more than we ever could. So don’t wait around to long to care. If you do you may never share. Depend on God!

I also talked to Jeff at this same Metro Station. Jill had already opened the conversation and told me to come over since Jeff was a heroin addict. I shared and we prayed for Jeff. He was very open and I believe God had ministered to him that day.

Union Station

I saw Gabby, a Metro employee, as we came down the escalator. I handed her a tract and asked if she knew about salvation and Jesus Christ. Surprisingly she said no. I then asked some more questions and when I realized she was being genuine of her ignorance I shared the Gospel with her. I also gave her a Gospel of John to read. Toward the end of our encounter a little bit of a light came on. She said that her son went to a private school and it was Christian. She said, “oh now I know what my son has been trying to tell me”. I encouraged her to talk and read about Jesus with her son.

Metro Subway

I always enjoy seeing someone in a T-shirt from the 60’s or 70’s. I use that as a springboard into the Gospel. Well, this young gal and her friend on the Metro were standing about five feet away talking to each other. One of them had a shirt that said Haight Ashbury. I sort of interrupted them asking her if she had ever been to Haight/Ashbury. She said no, but she wanted to. I told her I was just there preaching in Golden Gate park and gave her some details of the place and of why I preach. This led to a discourse on the drug culture and my deliverance of the Lord. She listened as I gave a short sermon. Others around her could not help but hear as well. It was such a great encounter, we almost missed our stop. Eric gave her a tract as we scurried off the train.


  1. Hello Larry, what a great report. Praise the Lord for how He used you and other brethren to preach the gospel & to share the good news. I will pray that the Lord may bring increase to the seeds you all planted during this 10-days evangelism outreach.

    Praying for you all & for your health. In Christ Alone,

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  2. Always great to see your blog and see how you are doing and the spreading of the Word!! Very proud of you brother Love ya and miss you !!

    Your brother Lance


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