San Diego Delight

I just returned from San Diego where I was for ten days preaching the Gospel (March 10-20). I felt it was a fruitful time as we covered much ground. I was able to go downtown, and to several colleges. The two Saturdays in the trip were filled with the St Patrick’s Day parade and the Mexican border outreach respectively. Please continue to pray for my opportunities traveling to different cities. My next scheduled trip back here to San  Diego is not until August 2016 – the Lord willing.


“Things will be great when you’re downtown” a line from the 1965 Grammy Award winning song by Petula Clark. When this song came on the radio when I was a kid little did I know that downtown would in fact be the place I love to be most. Preaching the Gospel that is. I had a great time preaching in San Diego’s downtown area three times while there. Twice was on what may be my favorite corner of all time, 5th and “C” Streets, where the trolley stops. I encountered many people who were interested in the gospel. They were all at different levels of faith and some just seekers. I answered some questions and I gave away many gospels of John. I had experienced a lot of opposition as well. One man who had stopped at a red light got out of his car and ran over toward me yelling, “stop your preaching”. I did have favor with the police as many passed by me while I was preaching. I met Keith a man who used to evangelize in New York and he hung out for a while and listened to me, although I wasn’t able to connect with him again before leaving town. There were many others that stopped and listened for quite some time. I had dubbed San Diego the Bible belt of California.

St Patrick Day Parade

This was the third St. Patrick’s Day Parade I have preached at here in San Diego. Jerry Benson, Doug De Bellevue, and myself came here about an hour before the parade started. I wasn’t sure if I was able to walk the parade route and preach as I have done in previous years. My back has been really bothering me lately but once we got there God gave me much grace. Jerry stayed in the main hub area while Doug and I walked the parade route; me preaching and Doug carrying a white cross that says “Are you ready? It was a great time as the Lord allowed me to walk about a mile then stay on my feet two hours after that as we handed out tracts once the parade started and after the parade ended as well. The highlight was a couple of people who were manning a scaffold for the parade stopped me and asked some questions. I think they were sincerely thinking they were on their way to heaven because of their own goodness.

Mexican Border

I’ve never been to the Tijuana border before. Jerry, Doug, and I went there the last Saturday I was in town. It was a terrific time. I handed out about 300 Spanish tracts and a handful of English ones while those guys did the same. We met some taxicab drivers. Tim was one of them and is a Christian who was a bit backslidden. He asked for prayer and said he had once done ministry. He was friends with the other cab drivers so we gave them a stack of tracts each and they said they would hand them out to their customers. We had a bit of trouble with the security for the light rail that comes right up to the border area. It was all smoothed out as Jerry in a very diplomatic way informed them that we would be staying there regardless of their objections. After their supervisor was called they decided to let us stay. The three hours we spent down there we had several conversations Jerry had really ministered to a young Mennonite girl from the US. He shared Christ to her as it was revealed that she was trusting in works. All this while the parents remained quiet as to not interfere. I also met a lady from Korea and gave her a tract.

Be True To Your School

The college campuses here in San Diego seem to be Jerry’s forte. We went to 3 different colleges, Cuyamaca College, Grossmont College and San Diego State University. Each of those times I did some open-air preaching and we had lots of one-on-one conversations too. At Cuyamaca the open-air preaching didn’t seem appropriate since it was before noon and the students passed by in a sparse flow.

At San Diego State University I had a student come up and give me a note after she had sat and listened to me for a long time. I saw her but thought she was doing her homework. In the note she made some positive comments on my approach and message. She had described the message that I was preaching and she had some disagreement. I do not think she understood why Christ came; not to make us better people but to save us and make us into a new creation.  I wish I could have talked to her in person. I never got her name She signed the note; a girl who was listening. Besides this student, I talked to several Muslim students and we were able to hand out the Gospel of John in Arabic, as well as, a few DVDs in different Arabic dialects.

At Grossmont College I was able to talk to two Catholic girls that seemed to have a good handle on the faith. This took me by surprise. I ask them if they had to choose between the Catholic church and the Bible they said the Bible so that was good. I prayed with them and left them a tract on Catholicism.

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