California State Capitol

Springtime means preaching at the State Capitol of California in Sacramento. This last week was the fifth permit I obtained since 2013. That is when a Highway Patrol officer on a horse near the capitol told me I could get a free permit to preach on the steps of the capitol building. The officer who informed me is a Christian and saw me preaching on a nearby corner. The permit process is easy online. I always try to get one when the legislature is in session. Below is a short report.

Present were; Myself, Robert Payne (Auburn, CA), Wally Van Sandt (Sacramento), Gospel Gary (Sacramento), and his friend Wiley Drake (Buena Park, CA). Pastor Drake also does ministry in Washington DC. He was there for Franklin Graham who was speaking the next day. There were many more people on the Capitol grounds this time than in times past.

I started off preaching with the using my Traynor 50 watt amp. This is  a real powerhouse. I never had the volume past halfway and you could hear it out on “L” street just fine. There was a little feedback depending on who was preaching. After me was Robert and he went for about a half hour reading his sermon and God’s Word. We stopped briefly for prayer and then Wally preached. After him was Gary and last was Wiley.

At one point when I was preaching I saw Frank Erb go by and as he motioned with his hand approval of the Gospel I asked is that Frank? He turned and said yes. He came up later when I was free and visited. Frank is with Capitol Commission, a ministry that has access to the legislature and staff. Frank does a weekly Bible study amongst other things inside the Capitol.

While Wally was preaching Gary was handing out tracts, something we normally are not allowed to do. At one point he had about 30 young children around him and he gave them out until a teacher objected. An officer came out and yet the children were able to keep them. Wiley brought a shofar and blew it for the kids to hear as well.

Toward the end a family from Huntington Beach came up and showed support for the Gospel. Gary was preaching and invited their two young girls to sing. They sang the Easter song it was great. They really could get those high notes. Once we finished Wiley drew a crowd with the shofar again and talking about the last trumpet. Wonderful day and it was very exciting as we ended in prayer before parting ways.

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  1. Thank you Larry for wonderful updates. It’s always encouraging to see how the Lord is leading you & following up on your trips. Lord bless you always. In Him,

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