South by Southwest

I left Oakland on April 6th headed on a two-month tour through the South. My first stop was brief in Los Angeles where I attended Southland Christian church for their mid-week service. Then off to Phoenix where I preached one day before heading to Tucson where I spent a full week. I am currently going city to city each day working my way to the Atlantic Coast. For this reason I have not had time to post the pictures and a video that goes with this evangelism update. I hope to do that as soon as I can. One good thing about going to a different city every day is that I can wear the same dress shirt (provided I don’t spill on it). So for now I have just a summary of events below. I want to thank those who have been praying for me and this trip and supporting the cause in many ways providing even more than I need. This is very important to pray for the cities.


In Tucson I stayed with my friend, Roy Spears, who is also a open-air preacher. He has some property that he has turned into an Oasis for traveling preachers. I stayed there and enjoyed his newest addition called the “Freedom Room” where there is a toilet, sink, washer & dryer, and an outdoor shower. Right before I got there Roy had a man who tried to kill him. He tried to run over him in with his car outside the abortion clinic. Roy was shaken up but ok. The man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Roy and several others go to the clinic twice a week to minister to the women who go to this only surgical abortion clinic in Tucson. Displaying signs and offering alternatives the crew has prevented several abortions that they know about. I accompanied them during the week to this pro-life ministry. I was able to preach downtown Tucson which went real well. We also went to the University of Arizona where we stayed most of the day. It was fruitful and I met several students both Christian and non Christian.

El Paso

After that it was on to El Paso, Texas. I was able to stay with Frank Gonzales at his parents house while I was there. I went to church at Old Paths Christian Church where last year I met the pastor and many brothers. I was able to fellowship with Pastor Joe and Pastor Ray after service. I also had some good fellowship with Frank and Ivan Ramos as we went for dinner and then a prayer meeting Tuesday night. I spent two days on the streets of El Paso preaching the Gospel. This was on two different corners. I had a great time. I missed the opportunity to meet another preacher Ryan who couldn’t make it down while I was there – maybe next time.


In Austin I stayed with the folks I met last year through “Candle in the Window” a Christian hospitality network. The Featherston family showed me great hospitality and we had a marvelous time of getting re-acquainted and also fellowshiped as I attended their church – North Gabriel Christian Assembly. I was able to preach in Austin downtown twice. The first day I preached for two hours with no hindrances about the amp and several people stopped and listened. The second time out I was joined by the Ferguson Family who are friends of the Featherstons. They joined me, I think about 6 of them or so who sang and played guitars and violins. They played in the background as I preached and then did a couple of songs along with the local bucket drummer Ty, as they let him join in. The highlight was on Saturday night. We went down to see the bats. Austin is home of about 750,000 bats that take up residence under the main bridge that crosses the Colorado river into Austin. People including us showed up to watch the bats leave to go get insects at dusk. We witnessed with tracts and one-on-one before the event. Afterward I preached open-air (without a mic) on a corner when people were dispersing. It was very awesome and I have a short video I will post later. I was very pleased how it went as I was able to hand out tracts as I preached.


Last but not least is Dallas. Despite threatening weather I went downtown here one day and it was a good outreach. From the light rail I walked a few blocks to Arkin and Main street where I have been before. I set up with the vox amp in front of a little sidewalk park called: Pegasus Plaza. I preached for a little over an hour with lots of people walking by. Police and ambassadors alike came by with no problems. I met Allan, a recovering addict and seemed to be a Christian. He stayed and prayed and handed out tracts. Although he liked to talk he turned out to be very helpful. There were other people coming and going who stopped for a time including a man who sells street sheets, a homeless newspaper, who I met last year. The highlight was a man named Andy who stood and listened for quite sometime. When I stopped for him to come over he had a question about reincarnation. I seemed to answer him satisfactorily. I had just preached on what happens when someone dies.


  1. Praising God for you and your friends going out and preaching! He has blessed your life by meeting a plethora of people. Someone who comes to our weekly Food Ministry asked if we had “street sheets” but I did not know what they were. Maybe I can look at one of yours sometime to note what info they have to determine whether we can type up a flyer of some sort. As always, you are in our prayers. May the Lord smile down on you today.

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  2. Thank you for sharing the great work God is doing in n through you, awesome testimonies. Praise God. See you in SF.


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