All Jazzed Out

Sacramento – Jazz Festival Day 1
There were plenty of people here today for the first day of the Jazz Festival. I arrived to see Tom and Wally. Also to my surprise Steve and Chris were there. I had brought my amp but since Steve had his identical Roland KC 110 amplifier set up, we used that. Recently the Pacific Justice Institute had written a letter to the Sacramento City attorney requesting that they clarify the sound ordinance. In short we are able to use the amp without a permit. This applies not only for this event but most everywhere in the city. I preached what I felt was a really good session. Wally preached after me and we ended up leaving at about 3pm. The other fellas handed out tracts.

Sacramento – Jazz Festival Day 2
I left about 11am and got another great parking spot close to the K street mall. We all got there around noon; the same crew as yesterday plus Steve’s son. Also “Gospel” Gary and his assistant Paul came out. Before starting we gathered for prayer and discussed the many years we had worked together at this event. Today I ended up preaching three sessions; the first two were about an hour each and the last one about 20 minutes right before we left. Both Tom & Wally left before the rest of us. I talked about a personal relationship, the resurrection, and the basics of the Gospel. I had a good visit with Gary toward the end of the day as he told me of his experiences in San Francisco with SOS Ministries.

Sacramento – Jazz Festival Day 3
Although there is one more day to the festival tomorrow (Memorial Day) everyone made today the last day including myself. It was not as good as the previous days. There were lots of people but to me the spiritual climate was harder. I felt it was time to dust off our feet, like we were casting pearls before swine.

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Downtown Sacto

12th and “L” Street is where Robert Payne and I went on Wednesday the first of June. This was the first time Robert has been to this spot. We choose this after passing a few others that would have been good ones as well. Anyway we preached here for an hour splitting the time. We moved across the street at one point to accommodate a business that could hear us. Robert preached well and I like his style and his content. It was near 100 degrees but there were lots of people on the streets today. The legislature was in session which always adds to the concentration of people. Great day!

San Francisco

This past Saturday I got to SF and met up with Eric and Andy at 4th & Mission who already were there and had started to preach. Sergio joined us toward the end. I preached twice but the first time was the best as my message I felt was good and there seemed to be anointing on the area. I had witnessed this on the same corner in the past. By the second preach it had gone. I realize this can be a subjective experience. Afterwards Eric, Sergio, and I went for coffee and visited.


I left downtown SF and made it back to go to Jim’s eatery in Alameda where I met with Dan, Walter, John, and Seth. After eating we had fellowship quite awhile before leaving and going to Park & Santa Clara Streets to preach and hand out tracts. This was an awesome time and plenty of people. I preached while they handed out tracts. I used the amp and had no trouble as we didn’t get a complaint or even see the police. We had lots of encounters before leaving. The main guy I talked to was Brendan who had several questions. It was getting late. Seth had to take off but the four of us prayed before parting ways.

Ashby Care Center

Last Tuesday night I filled in for Eric Baxter at the Ashby Care Center in Berkeley. Jill Baxter met me there and helped corral the sheep into the activity room. We visited with the residents, prayed, and then I taught from Matthew 27 looking at the guards and the tomb. It was a good study that seemed to provoke lots of interest and engagement from the residents over an hour and a half. Remarkably their attention span was fantastic.

Bay Area Rescue Mission

Last Wednesday night I, along with the Baxter’s went to the B.A.R.M. in Richmond, California where there was a full house even though we are entering to the summer months. Eric opened in prayer and then I taught from John 19:1-16 preaching the Gospel focusing on our wonderful Lord and Savior and what He went through for us. It once again was a good night of ministry.

Concerning my travels: I am leaving today for Spokane, Yakima, Seattle area, Portland, and then back in Sacramento the second week in August. Please remember me in your prayers and I will as my custom send periodical reports of my ventures.


  1. Larry thank you for sharing these wonderful opportunities. Praying for you as your are traveling already to Spoken. Lord bless. The work He began in you, He will finish it until the Day of the Lord. Praise Him.

    In Him,

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