Midwest Meltdown

Although late in summer, it was hot and humid throughout my travels of the Midwest. The humidity was always in the seventy ot eighty percent range. It has been a fantastic trip so far as I work my way toward the East Coast. Although I did not get into Canada as planned I had a very good outing in Cleveland, Ohio. I preached there last year about this time and went to the same corner; 9th & Superior. This time there were many more people on the streets and the preaching went well with several people stopping to listen and take the Gospels.

I went to a different city each day and it got to be that sometimes I would forget where I was at shopping in the local Walmart. I stayed here for the most part with no problems. While in Indiana I stayed the weekend with Harry Mimms and his family in Marion. We had a good time of fellowship and I attended their church on that Sunday. My health is good and the van is running great. I have had some problems with two of the tires holding air. I suspect this happened when I got them re-balanced with my tire rotation. I will be getting this checked out.

The highlights include getting favor with the authorities using the amp in all the cities thus far. I was so encouraged with a number of people stopping and sharing their faith in Christ. Two women stick out in particular, one in Detroit, and one in Indianapolis really boasted my spirit after being discouraged of the hardness and apathy of the listeners. In Cincinnati I was able to minister and pray for two heroin addicts. A young couple about 25 years old.

I will not have any pictures available until I get back in November. For those in the Bay Area I plan on having a evening get together to share my ministry travels. I will present a slide show at that time. I will announce the date and place in the near future. Well thanks for the prayers and encouragement from you all. Each city I preached in is listed below in order of my favorite ones first and I also included their population. Cleveland 390,000 ~ Detroit 690,000 ~ Kansas City 467,000 ~ St.Louis 320,000 ~ Cincinnati 298,000 ~ Louisville 252,000 ~ Indianapolis 853,000 ~ Toledo 280,000

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  1. Larry, good to hear of your ventures in the Midwest. May God continue to bless you and keep your tires UP! lol   Your sister, Denise


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