Upstate New York

Greetings everyone! I am writing this from Vermont I wanted to post this report on the last four major cities I’ve been in Upstate New York. This has been a busy week. I preached for the last six days in a row and two of those days included two cities per day. I will get a day of rest tomorrow. I plan on attending church here in the Burlington, Vermont area. Here is a list; Buffalo 260,000 ~ Rochester 210,000 ~ Syracuse 145,000 ~ Albany 98,000. Each of these cities had a lot of people with the exception of Syracuse, however; I did go to Syracuse at about three in the afternoon which could explain why I didn’t see the usual crowds. The other three cities were great; Buffalo being the best. Here are the highlights:

I met a man in Buffalo named Jack who was out there handing out tracts. He worked side-by-side with me until he had to leave. We exchanged contact info and said our goodbyes. Jack had been to this area before, right up on main street where the light rail runs.There were more people on the streets here than I had anticipated and many of them were very receptive. I gave away many Gospel of John’s and several people stopped and listened. Jack handed out a lot of tracts and prayed with several people as well. It was a great day! Considering it being subjective, and with lots of variables, I still would have to say that Buffalo has been the best city thus far .

In Rochester I set up on the corner where there were lots of people during the lunch rush. There was a woman who was recovering from drug addiction and in a program who stop and listen to me for about fifteen minutes. I gave away a few Gospel of John’s but the Highlight was right towards the end when I was ready to leave there was a police officer standing against the building. As I wondered what he wanted, he came over and said he had been listening. He is a Christian and he thought it was great that I was out there. He said he had a few complaints but said he wasn’t going to stop me because people needed to hear the gospel. What a great day and favor with God and the police.

Albany was great as well, lots of people moved across the street as I preach the gospel. There are all walks of life businessmen, street people, and everyday people of all different races. A woman came up and encouraged me very much and she is a Christian and wanted to stop in say keep going. As good as the city was, the highlight here was when I got my haircut at Planet Fitness. The man who cut my hair, Leon, is a homosexual and a devout Catholic. He said that even though the Catholics did not accept his lifestyle, he was still not going to budge, he is a Catholic and always will be one. He asked me what brought me through Albany and I told him I was a Street Preacher and we begin to have a great conversation. I was sharing the faith the best I could in the time allowed. He was asking me about preaching at gay pride parades and so on and so forth. Please pray for Leon – it may be that he’s not far from the kingdom.

I have a few other prayer requests. The van has been running great ,however, I’ve been having some difficulty keeping the air pressure in the tires since I got them balanced and rotated. It’s nothing huge but it’s kind of annoying. I’m taking it in again this afternoon to have them look at it. You can also praise the Lord, I’ve had great weather so far, only one rain-out, and favor with the police. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. God bless!


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