New England – Streets of Gold

One of the things I wasn’t prepared for was the massive toll roads here in New England. It seemed like every time I turned around I was paying 3 bucks and then another buck down the highway. When you get off you have to pay to get back on, so better plan your stops. In the Portland, Maine area alone I must have spent ten dollars just getting into the city and back out. Although the roads are nice, there not that nice. With that kind of money they are collecting the streets should be paved with gold. New England in many ways reminds me of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. It has a similar climate although we don’t get that much snow up in the Seattle area. Like Seattle it rained quite a bit and I was rained out in one city. There are similarly lots of trees and lots of coastline and everything that makes it feel like I am in Washington State. I had to use my heater several times here.

Famous for Autumn

Burlington, VT (43,000) & Manchester, NH (110,000) both of these cities were somewhat a disappointment. I probably would not purposely come here to preach in the future. I found a bigger crowd in Burlington on a Saturday as I set up nearby a public farmer’s market. One young man came by and took a Gospel and commented, “I’m with you”. Manchester although on a weekday downtown was pretty empty and the ones who were there were very cold to my preaching. I did have one young lady listen toward the end but never got a chance to talk to her before she left.

Lobster or Moose

Portland, Maine (66,000) This is one of the better cities I have been to. Even with a lower population there were plenty of people on the streets. I had several people stop and listen, and also some who gave their “amens” from across the street. I gave away a few Gospels and it was very good day there. The drizzly weather provided me with a taste of my hometown (Seattle). I noticed there were many a drifter, mostly young people, who walked the streets, some of them begging. It reminded me of the other Portland but not as weird. They are famous here for moose and of course “Maine Lobster” which they sold in the rest areas here; live lobster in a tank.

Tea Time

Moving down the coast to Boston (646,000) where I preached for two days. Both days I parked at the light rail station and took it into town. My first day there it was cold and blistery and I didn’t wear a coat. I went up out of the light rail station and preached on the first busy corner I saw which was State and Congress. I didn’t realize there were that many tourists here. They had various tours that went by me with the leader dressed like Paul Revere. I saw a lot of school groups as well. There were plenty of business people and virtually all walks of life here. I had no trouble with preaching with the amp either day. I didn’t have tea but I found a Peet’s Coffee shop over by a nice park where I sat and had a cup after the preaching.

The second day I took my large amp and after walking around in circles somewhat lost, I perched myself on Cambridge & Sanford streets. This proved to be a good corner with lots of people and I sensed there were more locals going by me today. I had a good time preaching and talking with inquiries, including a Chinese man who wanted something to read in English so he could learn to read. It was another great day here.

Miracles Do Happen

I was near Providence, Rhode Island (178,000) when the forecast called for a hundred percent chance of rain on the day I wanted to preach there. To me this was a strategic city because it is the largest one in Rhode Island, and if I didn’t preach in Providence, I would skip the whole state all together. I prayed and I prayed and the Lord by a great miracle opened up opportunity as the rain was held back all the way until 2 o’clock that day. I went down a little bit early and I set up across from the transit connection station. It went real well and there was lots of people out even though it was threatening to rain. I was very impressed with the city and it is the capital as well. The rain did come not long after that and rained hard all night Friday and throughout Saturday and this caused me to have a cancellation in Worcester, Massachusetts but that’s okay. As I continued on to preach in Springfield, MA (154,000) on the following Monday. It was a beautiful fall day and I had a few listeners as I preached in the heart of downtown.

The Connecticut Four

What a grand slam this was. Four cities in four days. I was in for quite a shock as I entered Hartford Connecticut (125,000). Although the state capital I had no idea this town was as big as it is. It has quite an array of buildings downtown, plus to my surprise, tons of people crossing the sidewalks. New Haven (131,000) where Yale University is located was also a very pleasant surprise with many people on the street here as well. Bridgeport (147,000) Not as large as the first two cities but it proved to be a good place to go because I gave away many gospels of John here and was able to preach unhindered as a police drove by several times. Stamford (126,000) My last City not only in Connecticut, but in New England, as I move on to New York. It was another good day and I gave away 7 Gospels of John and had many inquiries. There was an old fashion funeral procession coming down the street at one point. A great time to preach on the resurrection.

Please keep praying as I need all the prayer I can get. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!




  1. So good to hear of your successes. I was touched by the Lord to pray for the Chinese man in Boston who took the tracts to learn English. What a wonderful way to learn English and about God’s love. May he have his eyes and heart opened to the Holy Spirit as he reads. I will continue to pray for him and your further journeys. God bless you.


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