Head East Young Man

This segment of the trip was a bit challenging due to the populous on this stretch of the Eastern Seaboard. A good share of the country lives here, from New York down to Washington DC. DC Metropolitan area has 10 million people alone. Traffic was a big factor negotiating from one city to another, but also within the cities when I decided to drive downtown and park rather than use the public transportation. Starting with the Bronx all of these cities I had never been to before. Hallelujah, the Lord brought me through once again. Below is a summary of my experiences.

New York City

I was here in NYC five years ago for the first time. I had come for an intensive evangelism outreach that targeted Manhattan. This time I was in the Bronx. It seems New York has a pizza parlor and deli on every corner, but no parking places. Double parking and other navigation skills are required here to drive a car. It is worse than in LA. I had to laugh at myself because I saw all these signs that said no standing. I thought what? You mean a person can’t stand on the sidewalk here? Oh, maybe they mean they can’t stand in the street because they could get hit by a car. The sign actually was using that language to say no cars could stop and wait there for passengers or stop even briefly.

I spent the better part of two days here. I met up with Dan Losak from the Bay Area who is originally from here and takes a trip to NY every October. He introduced me to his friends here at Beacon Bible Church. The timing was not only great with Dan, but also it coincided with the church’s evangelism Saturday outreach, which we were a part of. We went down to some part of the Bronx and it was busy with people of course. I preached while the others handed out tracts and witnessed one-on-one. We had a great time. I was able to park my van in a backyard driveway near the church.

New Jersey

I went to three cities here; Jersey City, Newark, and Atlantic City. If you’re a siteseer and photo enthusiast you must visit Jersey City, which is located right across from Manhattan and has quite a view from this nice modern city park. I ended up preaching here. At first it was scarce and I thought because it was Columbus Day. After awhile people starting appearing on the streets and it was a good day. I had a young gal named Chiffon come up and tell me that she was going through a very difficult time and was really down until she came across the street and heard the preaching of the Gospel. I prayed for her. I had decided to go to Atlantic City instead of Camden and don’t regret that. AC was on a Saturday and it was sunny. There were plenty of people on the Boardwalk.

Remaining Mid-Atlantic Cities

I preached here in Philadelphia for two days downtown. A street preacher’s paradise with lots of people. I gave away lots of Gospels here. I stayed with Kylan and his wife and little girl. Kylan had lived in the SOS Ministry house several years ago.

After that it was on to Wilmington, Delaware the largest town in Delaware. Although not a huge city it was a great place to preach. I had several people listen and I was able to pray for some people too. Delaware was the first state in our nation.

I spent one day in Washington DC and one in Baltimore. Both cities were good. I hooked up with Bob Loeffert and his two sons. Washington DC was impressive to me as we went to Chinatown. Every conceivable walk of life came through here. I preached for two hours plus. In Baltimore we went to two places, downtown business area and Lexington Market, more of a lower class area; both were good. We also took in the University of Delaware arriving in the evening preaching to mostly students off campus.

Currently I am in Pittsburgh and am gradually headed back to California. Thank you so much for everyone who is thinking and praying for me. Stay tuned for the next report as I finish up my trip arriving in the Bay Area November 6th, the Lord willing of course. Also if you are near the Bay Area I will be having an evening of fellowship sharing more details of the trip and a picture slideshow. This will be held in Alameda at Alameda Chapel on Saturday, November 12th at 6:00pm finishing up by 8:00pm. I hope you can join us. We will be having some sort of food. For more details and any questions you can call me on my cell 510-479-5386. Thanks and may God bless you!


  1. Hey bud. I’m about to cross into new mexico. Be at Buella / Albuquerque sometime next week. ________________________________


  2. So glad you are having a great trip and get to pray with people. I have never been past Illinois, so I am always interested in your news. I am still praying for the Chinese fellow in Boston who took the tracts to learn English. I pray for his salvation and hope when he finally understands what he is reading he will come to know our Lord. His story just touched me and I am praying daily for him. God will save him, I just know, or he would not have given me the heart to pray for him. Hope to see you during the holidays. Drive safely.


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