Pittsburgh & Vicinity

I spent six days in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the longest I stayed in any one city on this trip. I was hosted by Bob Loeffert who evangelizes not only in Pittsburgh, but all over the country as well. Bob also has two sons that go out witnessing on a regular basis; Bob Jr and Mark. I was in Pittsburgh about a year ago and stayed with Bob and Linda at that time also. You may remember Eric and Jill Baxter also joined me for a week-long evangelism blitz. This year Bob and I hit Pittsburgh four days in a row. Two of those days it was raining quite hard, but we found cover under a canopy downtown. There was still plenty of people on the street to preach to.

We complemented one another out on the streets, myself preaching and Bob witnessing one on one. We had many contacts and many divine appointments which are too numerous to name. I will share one story about a man that Bob introduced me to. His name is Richard. Richard has a lot of issue, he’s on methadone and has some health issues and everything else. He has a carnal knowledge of God but is not born again. I was able to witness to him, encourage him, and pray for him before he left me that day.

We included a trip out to the University of Pittsburgh on a Sunday afternoon where there were plenty of students. I met a young man who saw me preaching downtown two days before. He listened to the Gospel as both Bob and I shared faith in Christ alone, not works. One of the highlights was meeting other believers in the area. The Loeffert’s have a house church that meets on Sunday afternoon and goes into the evening which was very uplifting. There were about 20 of us sharing a meal and then songs, testimonies, and then teaching of the word by Chad. I was able to share about the ministry. We also spent much time in prayer.


As Bob and I returned from the East Coast are plans to go to Alexandria, Virginia did not work out. As an alternative, on the way back to his house in Pittsburgh, we stopped at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This is a smaller town but it is the state capitol. We found a place which seemed to be on the main drag. I preached for a little over an hour while Bob talked one-on-one. Bob was able to witness to a nun and I was able to witness to a few Catholics as well. It was a good experience and we were glad we went there.

Akron & Cleveland

The day before I left we went on a little road trip and hit two cities in one day. The first one was Akron, Ohio. It has a downtown area and is a fairly decent-sized city, however the day we went was a little bit overcast and real chilly outside. We found a good place and trusted that once noon came around people would walk by. Many did, and it was worth the trouble to go there. Bob reported that a Muslim lady in a car parked behind me had purposely rolled down her windows down and was listening to the preaching.

After that it was on to Cleveland. This is the second time here on this trip. It proved to be a worthwhile place. I preached in two different locations; one time without the amp. It was a cold and blustery day at 54 degrees for the high. We ended up on the corner of 9th and Superior. I ended up preaching open air and it went well. I handed out tracts as I preached and people took them. We also talked to many people. Solomon the JW and his wife we engaged for about a half hour before they left. We also had many other divine appointments. Seth the coffee shop worker, Donald a homeless man, Andre a young man who passed by and we stopped to talk to for about ten minutes. There were many others also. The next day I left Bob and headed to Columbus Ohio.

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