Christmas on the Prado

img_20241Christmas on the Prado 2016 – The city estimates that 350,000 people attend this annual two-day event that takes place on the first weekend in December. Christmas on the Prado (El Prado Street) was the name of this annual event in Balboa Park, San Diego before they changed the name a few years back to “December Nights”. I guess this was a politically correct move by the city as not to offend anyone. Well it doesn’t matter what they call it as there were many of us out in force to spread the Gospel through preaching, tracts, and conversations. Included in the group were: myself, Eric & Jill Baxter, Jerry Benson, Jeff Baran, and Chris Yarzab. There were a few others that joined us briefly who’s name I didn’t get including a few from another ministry in Los Angeles that comes every year.

This year we placed ourselves in two locations, a different one Friday and Saturday evening respectively. We were able to use the amp with no problem as I did the lion’s share of the preaching. Jerry Benson preached several good sessions with the last being a discourse on evolution as the line for the museum of man passed by us. Chris Yarzab also did some of the preaching on Saturday night. Good stuff guys. At one time we were both preaching a little ways from each other. I’m not sure how many tracts went out but possibly 4,000 total. We also had a great time of fellowship with the Benson’s as they were our hosts for five days. Attended Faith Community Bible Church on Sunday.


Grossmont College

evangelism at grossmont college
Grossmont College – Students Late to Class as they talk to Eric, Jerry, and Jill

Although the Christmas event in Balboa Park was the main focus, we were able to go to Grossmont Junior College in El Cajon on Thursday, the day of our arrival. (The Baxter’s and I flew down). Although this is my fourth time here at Grossmont over the years, this time was magnificent. All of us agreed that the Holy Spirit was moving and it was very exciting. The overall student body received us well. We had many conversations for the two hours we were there. I talked to at least 15 students, some longer than others of course. Maria is one who stands out as I asked her about her Beatles shirt she was wearing. Using this as a springboard I got to share the Gospel with her. The highlight however was when I was open-air preaching, a young woman came by me and stood until I finished my sentence and then asked for prayer. She was a Christian and was struggling to stay close to the Lord. This was without a doubt the best day I had on any college campus in the ten years I have been preaching. Praise the Lord! The Berkeley Blitz of 2014 runs a close second.

Thanksgiving in Sacramento

20161124_162727I enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday in the Sacramento area with my niece and her family, as I have done the past ten years now. I also was able to go out preaching one of the days between the rain with fellow evangelist; Robert Payne of Auburn.

Whenever I come back to Norcal Homebase I spend a lot of my down time seeking the Lord and replenishing spiritually after a long road trip. I also tend to the needs of the van with maintenance and reorganizing the inside to better suit me for future travel. Of course I have other domestic items like catching up on all doctor visits. I also try to preach too.

What’s Ahead?

I will spend most of December preaching in San Francisco with travel once again for Christmas up to Sacramento. The Lord willing, in January I will be headed to Southern California preaching in various locations including the Martin Luther King Jr parade in Los Angeles on January 16th. After that I hope to head to Arizona, both to Phoenix and to Tucson. If you care glance at my itinerary I update it often. You can go to the menu at the top and click Travel Itinerary. Thank so much for remembering me in your prayers and all your support in the furtherment of the Gospel here in the United States.


  1. Hi Larry,

    And Merry Christmas. On the day you guys left I don’t recall who sat in the front of the car with me but they may have picked up Dianna’s sun glasses by accident. They are Maui Jim brand. We’ve looked every where and have no idea where they may have been left, dropped, or what ever. The last Dianna saw of them was when I took you guys to the airport. It would be easy to just pick them up between the seat and place in pocket without looking carefully. Would you ask Eric and Jill please?

    I know that when we buy another pair there they will be sitting on a counter somewhere mocking us.

    blessings, jerry


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