Year in Review 2016

Thank all of you for praying and being a great support in the Gospel during this last year. I felt it was a great productive year and my health has been great. Last winter was spent ministering around the Bay Area and then a trip to Southern California with Bob Loeffert & company. Height Asbury, Fisherman’s Wharf and downtown were some places we went to. Also Oakland and San Jose. In Southern California 6 six of us took the streets for a one-week evangelism marathon. Los Angeles is a large area but we managed to put a dent into the it. I took in three events; March for Life and the Chinese New Year parade both in San Francisco. The St Patrick’s Day parade in San Diego was also on the agenda.

The spring brought my first of two, major trips across the country. In late March I headed through Arizona and along the southern route of the United States until reaching Florida before returning to homebase in May. I spent a good while in Texas and saw many friends. I was able to hit many new cities on this trip as well. In late May as per custom I joined several others evangelizing at the Sacramento Jazz Festival during the four-day event over Memorial Day weekend.

A good share of the summer was spent in the Pacific Northwest. I usually try to stay north in the summer and south in the winter. This year was no different. First going to Spokane then I took in the Seattle area and on to Portland before returning to Sacramento in August to visit family as my son Matt came down for a week. I did some house sitting in San Diego the last two weeks of August and preached there everyday as well.

Around mid September I headed on my biggest road trip to date going across 23 states and preaching in over 40 cities. I put on 7,000 miles on the van during this several month trip that spanned New England and the Mid Atlantic states. I had lots of experiences and met a lot of new people. Returning here to homebase in early November I was able to preach around the area here, as well as, regroup. I am getting lots of rest and rejuvenation as I have been here in Norcal through Christmas. The Bay Area Rescue Mission, Ashby Care Center, and several homeless outreaches is something I like to do in my leisure time. I also took in a lot of doctor’s appointments and other domestic issues. You can always look up my prior blog reports to get the details.

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  1. Happy New year Larry and may the bless you with more boldness and courage as you journey through the land for His Name. (Joshua 1:7-9)


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