Winter Witness 2017

I appreciate all the prayers from everyone for the Gospel. Since the holidays I’ve been located in Nor-Cal, going between Sacramento and San Francisco; I did some preaching in both of these cities, as well as, Oakland. The day after Christmas Robert Payne and myself preached in Sacramento’s Old Town. It started off slow but there were many people who came through those streets doing the tourist thing I suppose. We’re able to take turns preaching and hand out many tracts. most of the people we talked to were homeless people.

Duane (left) & Ken downtown SF
Duane (left) & Ken downtown SF

One Saturday I met up with Duane, Ken Onaga, Andrew Conway and Robert Payne to preach in downtown San Francisco at the Metreon on 4th and Mission. This went very well and we had a good fellowship afterwards. Those guys continued to preach until the late afternoon while Robert and I went and visited SOS Ministries who were a few blocks away before returning to the BART station.

The Castro

castro-12The highlight of all my time here was going out to the Castro District in San Francisco with SOS Ministries on a Friday night. For those that don’t know, the Castro district is the mecca for the homosexual lifestyle. The Castro started to become notorious for this as far back as the late seventies. I have been out there several times in the past with SOS Ministries which go out about twice a year there. Typically we keep a low profile and hand out tracts and get one-on-one conversations going. This can be very difficult. on this particular night after being encouraged by Eric Baxter, I started preaching the gospel open air without a mic. It went very well as Christ was glorified. The crowds didn’t seem to be any more unusually hostile than other places. They were mostly indifferent. It was something I felt good after accomplishing this; kind of like something a person would put on their “bucket list”. We noticed that during the preaching of the Gospel verbally many more tracks went out and also conversations started. Eric Baxter was in a conversation with an Episcopal minister who was homosexual and a universalist. He, Daniel, asked why we were out there and when Eric told him it became evident that he didn’t believe the Bible was the inspired word of God. despite all this Eric was able to pray for him before he went his way.

Santa Monica

Me Talking to Becky in Santa Monica – Click Pic to See More Photos

I cancelled the MLK day parade in LA but did have time to stop briefly to preach in Santa Monica on my way to Arizona. I’ve reported about preaching in Santa Monica over the years. We typically go to what is called the 3rd Street Promenade. This is where many of the crowd comes through as they blocked off the street. There are lots of vendors and other attractions. This particular Saturday Jeff Baran, Chris Yarzab and myself came here for most of the afternoon. We found a good spot and Chris and I took turns preaching using the amplifier. We also had plenty of Bibles, tracts, and other items to hand out. My second session of preaching seemed to be the best one that I did. There were many people who came up and listened and some took the materials. I was able to visit with a couple of listeners; one named Becky and the other named Priscilla. Both of these gals seemed to have saving faith and the word of God had touched them. It encouraged me that they would stick around long enough to come up and talk to me. Jeff was also able to get in a conversation with a Muslim man who asked him how to get eternal life. Afterwards we went for coffee and had a time of fellowship and prayer before parting ways. Another great day in California, this truly is California dreamin – now onward to Phoenix.